29/03/18 - Glynnis Ireland-Wall
I’m a woman and I was born August 13, 1961. Very friendly and outgoing. Genuinely interested in other cultures and religions. A people's person. Kind, caring and loving person who is a good friend. I am widowed, for 5 years now. I love travel, theatre, eating out and the beach and the mountains. I love to entertain at home and love cooking for family and friends.
I am looking for: someone who is intelligent and can keep a conversation on many different topics. One who has a sense of humor. Someone who needs a good and kind friend.
I can read / write English and Afrikaans.
08/10/17 - Maria le Roux - PO Box 117 - 1590 Dunnottar - South Africa
I’m a woman and I was born May 28, 1948, keen gardener, avid reader, animal lover, nature
I am looking for same age and interests
I can read / write English and Afrikaans.

09/07/17 - Pamela Vanbreda - PO Box 10942 - 1570 Springs - South Africa
I’m a woman and I was born January 3, 1977. I am a huge animal lover. My home is always full of them. Very quiet shy person but can be quite talkative when in the right environment. I love to collect and swap postage stamps, teabags and stickers.
I am looking for female pen pals between 30 and 65 from all countries and all walks of life
08/06/17 - Kirsten Lansdell - 18 Jock Meiring street - 9301 West Park - South Africa
I’m a woman and I was born June 4, 1991. I’m interested in people in general. Married so honestly just want friends
I would like to use snail mail writing letters is so much more fun
I can read/write English and Afrikaans.

07/06/17 - Jordan Barnard
I’m a woman and I was born September 3, 2001.
About me: I am a fun girl with a bubbly personality and a great sense of humor.
Kind of pen pal I am looking for: anyone where I can discover new cultures, languages, etc.
Languages: I can read/write: English, German, and French.