17/01/19 – I'm Joseph a 48 years old man. Need friend world wide for friendship

18/11/18 - Wizy William - Cosmo City, House #6667 - Rand Berg - South Africa
I’m a 33 years old man. Simple well to associate with, love traveling, reading novels, soccer and watching tv
I am looking for: women
07/11/18 - Toheera Leukes - 32 Wilgerplein - Bridgetown Athlone - 7764 Cape Town - South Africa
I’m a 25 years old woman. I am a cat lover probably should not open with that, might give the impression that I am a cat lady living in a tiny apartment with twenty cats...I am not married, I think my prince kind of lost his directions to my house.
I love the idea of writing letters to someone knowing that they are taking the time to write one back. I am not into social media so much I feel it lacks a sense of connectivity. I want to make lasting friendships, I want to share parts of who I am with someone who lives thousands of miles away from me.
I love to read, I read anything from romance to science fiction. I am shy, but am a good friend, well I like to think so. I like to think that I am a creative soul, I am easy going and super weird sometimes. If I am the pen pal for you just write me a letter.
I am looking for a pen pal that don’t get bored after a few letters, someone who I’d genuinely trying to make new and lasting friendships. Age is irrelevant to me, no matter the age everyone as the capabilities to be an awesome friend. I just want a pen pal who is open and honest.
29/03/18 - Glynnis Ireland-Wall
I’m a woman and I was born August 13, 1961. Very friendly and outgoing. Genuinely interested in other cultures and religions. A people's person. Kind, caring and loving person who is a good friend. I am widowed, for 5 years now. I love travel, theatre, eating out and the beach and the mountains. I love to entertain at home and love cooking for family and friends.
I am looking for: someone who is intelligent and can keep a conversation on many different topics. One who has a sense of humor. Someone who needs a good and kind friend.
I can read / write English and Afrikaans.
28/03/18 - Maria le Roux - PO Box 117 - 1590 Dunnottar - South Africa
I’m a woman and I was born May 28, 1948, keen gardener, avid reader, animal lover, nature
I am looking for same age and interests
I can read / write English and Afrikaans.