20/03/18 - Abdelatif Fethallah
I’m a man and I was born December 2, 1994. I am an open-minded and very friendly who love to get know new people around the world, I love photographing, and music , I really like to travel a lot, I find it really awesome to know people from different culture, so if you are interested, please write to me.. I am waiting.
I am looking for English-speaking, can be another language I can use translator, People all ages
I can read: English, Arabic, French
12/11/17 - Je m'appelle Ahmed Mida et j'ai 27 ans. Je suis une personne très simple , calme sentimentale; attentionnée et gentille, physique, caractère agréable, cherche une partenaire avec un savoir-vivre, pour moments tendres et partagés, âge en rapport, mon email

05/11/17 - Aït AMAR
I’m a man and I was born October 6, 1969.
I can read / write: English, French and Arabic.

23/09/17 – I'm a 45 years old woman, I wish to meet a nice and honest friends over the world, no matter their origins or their religions, I respect all people, we are all equal, people who writes a dishonest email as money emails or immigration emails or that I won money I'll not reply to them, I'm happy in my country ! Only honest people are welcome!  

05/09/17 - Benziadi Khaled - City Avenir Bt 49a n7 - 14000 Tiaret - Algeria
I’m a man and I was born May 1, 1982. I am computer engineer, and am interested in snail mail pals only from around the world :) I like reading, learning new things, video game. I also like learning about different cultures. I want to receive letters from Los Angeles, especially if it come from Beverly Hills, surprise me by a letter, please write me directly to my postal address if possible.
I am looking for anyone who is friendly and interested in snail mail correspondence only. I love learning about new things and hearing the opinions of others.
I can read / write: English, French, Arabic.

27/08/17 - Je m'appelle Mohamed Kharradji et j'ai 57 ans, retraité j'aime la correspondance, homme ou femme. Voila mon email:
Mes intérêts sont: le cinéma, l'informatique, la littérature, la musique, la nature et les grands espaces, les sports, les voyages.
07/08/17 - Nouar G - Al Maad - 18031 Djimla - Algeria
I’m a man and I was born October 14, 1974.
I am looking for nice
I can read Arabic, English, and French.
18/05/17 - Samir - Cité 300 logts 2 Bt 25 N° 237 - 43000 Mila - Algeria
I’m a man and I was born November 22, 1971.
I am looking for female 25-45
I can read/write: Arabic, English, and French.

17/05/17 - Haroun Hakim - BP 29E - Akbou Bejaia - Algeria
I'm a man and I was born October 1, 1983. Single I’m an honest Kabyle man, I love writing, good movies. I love sport football, music, reading all kinds of books. I’m looking for friendship, maybe meet someday. Contact me send me letter, I’m serious I reply sure with postcards... Languages I can read/write: French and English.