21/03/19 - Omar Dalil - 63 rue Bouhadja Ali Birtouta - 16000 Birtouta - Algeria
I’m a 55 years old man. I am Algerian boy and I am nurse working in great hospital
I am looking for women from Swiss and all Europe age between 35 years and 50 years.
I can read and write English and French.
30/01/19 - Mohammed Mimouni - Cite 48 logements bat k n 06 - 27009 Achaacha / Mostaganem - Algeria
I’m a 46 years old man. I’m simple person who likes reading writing stories and letters music animals sports and all which is fine and art in this life. I m a professor of philosophy of art and beauty. 
I am looking for female and male

08/11/18 – Je suis Youb, un homme de 39 ans. Je cherche des amis hommes et femmes, et pourquoi pas une relation sérieuse et amoureuse avec une femme, l'amitié et l'amour n'ont pas d'âge. A vos claviers ou plumes

08/10/18 - Boukerzaza Karim - Cite Benboulaid Bt D2 N5 Montpensier - 09000 Blida - Algeria
I’m a 41 years old man. I’m looking for friends beyond the horizons, on other banks of the rivers, on other dunes of the desert, on the sides of the mountains, on the green grass of the meadows and steppes, on the pure white of the glaciers ... my mailbox is a nest waiting for the wings of your letters.
P.S: I collect stamps
I am looking for all countries
I can read English French, and Spanish
25/09/18 - Je m'appelle Hafid Mohamed et j'ai 34 ans. J'aimerais correspondre avec homme ou femme de n'importe coin du globe pour se changer les cultures et les idées. Mon email:
11/08/18 - Khaled Benziadi - City Avenir Bt 49a n7 - 14000 Tiaret - Algeria
I’m a 36 years ol man. I love writing, antique, old school kind of stuff. I love reading. People tell me am a great listener.
I am looking for: male or female. Committed to see this through
I can read and write: English, French and Arabic.
10/08/18 - Abdelatif Fethallah
I’m a man and I was born December 2, 1994. I am an open-minded and very friendly who love to get know new people around the world, I love photographing, and music , I really like to travel a lot, I find it really awesome to know people from different culture, so if you are interested, please write to me.. I am waiting.
I am looking for English-speaking, can be another language I can use translator, People all ages
I can read: English, Arabic, French