09/05/19 - I'm Teresa Wingender, a 16 years old girl.
I am a mostly calm person and I like writing long, emotional letters. I am really searching for a pen pal. I’d be very happy to have your letter in my mail box, wherever you come from. I like poetry, music and French. I play the flute and the piano. Also I like to talk about history, religion, politics etc.
If you want to do deep conversations you’re welcome to send me letter but please write first an email because I don’t my address in the internet. You should be around my age (14-16). I prefer woman to man. If you come from a French-speaking country it would be magnifique but if not it’s also ok.
I can read German, English, French, Spanish

16/04/19 - My name is Nico and I come from a beautiful little town in the Southwest of Germany. I am 14, nearly 15 years old and would like to find some new, long-lasting friendships from all over the World who should be around my age (about 13-17). I'm a real Geography nerd, so think of it if you really want to write me. PLEASE no creeps or pedos or anything like this. I'd be happy if somebody writes me but please tell something about you in the first mail.

27/03/19 - Els Arnoldussen - Millinger Straße 55 - 46459 Rees Millingen - Germany
I’m a 61 years old woman. I am a married woman, foster mother, read books, thriller movies,
Kind of pen pal I am looking for: I am looking for a snail mail pen friend, woman between 50 and 70 years old. All over the world.
I can read and write Dutch, German and English.

18/03/19 - My name is Hanna and i am from Nürnberg, Germany. I am looking for some penpals to improve my english. I like sport, shopping, meet friends, go to the cinema and many more. I hope you can help me to improve my school english. cu hanna. PS: Es darf mich natürlich auch in deutsch angeschrieben werden

08/03/19 - MANUELA
I’m a 48 years old woman. I like to receive letters and postcards from all over the world. I am looking for female pen pals who like handwritten letters. My hobbies are writing, reading, listening to music, photographing, languages and hiking in the mountains in South Tyrol.
I'm looking for female pen pals who like handwritten letters
I can read and write: German, English and Italian.

18/02/19 - Jennifer, 33, Vegetarian. Searching for female penpals that doesn´t stop writing after a few letters. Esp. Oceania/all Islands in the world but everywhere else is most welcome as long as you enjoy long chatty letters, are not a prisoner, not a penpal collector and as ´long its okay that I want my stamps back from the envelopes. Sorry if this is a problem for some because they don´t want to have a hole in the envelope but I don´t see a problem with it because its much more interesting what is inside the envelope :-) Not important if you´re black or white, green or blue, tall or small as long as we get along well .Only lifetime friends to share happiness & sorrows in medium or long letters. Not where the address on the envelope is actually longer than the letter inside. I don´t expect a mail or letter every week but at least a short hello in a busy time to keep in touch. Friends who also dream of a real meeting one day and maybe make it possible sometime in our life. Real old fashioned letters with pen and paper by snailmail but of course I understand if there are places in the world where the post system is very bad but then I'd like to send at least a postcard because I collect postcards or send little presents for Christmas or Birthdays. I can't afford big parcels but bigger envelopes sometimes are okay. I love Friendship Books and I'm always searching for new swapper worldwide but I don't swap in masses which means no parcels but bigger envelopes are okay in this case too. I like to see where the books travel and also sign them and send them on.

11/02/19 - CLARA S
Soy una chica de 16 años. Me gusta encontrar gente de países diferentes y hablar en lenguas diferentes. En mi tiempo libre bailo, escucho música (también traduzco canciones) y quedar con mis amigos. Además veo muchas series. Mis series favoritas son ”How I met your mother“, ”Grey’s Anatomy“ y ”The Good Wife“. En el cole concedo prioridad a las lenguas. Estudio Inglés, Español y Latín.
I’m Clara and I’m from Germany. I love to get to know people from all around the world and talking in different languages. My hobbies are dancing, listening to music (I translate English music texts) and meeting friends. I also watch a lot of series. My favorite ones are ”How I met your mother“, “Grey’s Anatomy“ and “The Good Wife“. I’m going to high school, where I place my main focus on languages. I study English, Spanish and Latin.
Busco por un/una hispanohablante (o un/una hablante nativo de Inglés) para mejorar mi Español y Inglés. Él/Ella tendría 0-20 años.
I’m looking for a native English/Spanish speaker to talk in the respective language. He/She should be aged 0-20. And it’d be cool if we can also write letters one day. :)
I can read and write: English, Spanish, German and Latin.

08/02/19 - I`m a 28 years old very lonely women from Germany. I'm in a very bad relationsship and I'm very sad, because I get hurt so often and feel lonely and not really loved. I wish that I could find a person somewhere who understands me. Like a soulmate. I`m very romantic and I really hope to find someone who except who and what I am! Who is interested in me in Person, not my body. I am a writer, I write the whole day, but I have anxiexies what makes it harder; I dont have family or friends and I dream to have a great life someday, maybe in England or Ireland or in Germany again. Maybe I will run away from home. I really love the nature and geocaching, mayhe I will make it all day alone. Well, If you see yourself in this ad, please send me a message!  Email

22/01/19 – I'm RAYAN, a 42 years old man. I would like to have friend, women, from all countries to change idea and culture and visit my whatsup, is 004915124403176. Please only serious people.

09/01/19 - JILL
I’m a 31 years old woman. I’m an open minded, down to earth person. Married for almost nine years now and mother of two great kids.
I’d like to meet snail mail pen pals from all over the world as I like to learn about the daily life in foreign countries. I also like creating cards and I’d like to send small packages after a while.
I like reading, cats (I have three of my own - and also two chihuahuas), cooking / baking, psychology, sewing, handicrafts, taking tons of pictures, coffee, nature ... There’s so much more to tell but hey, there’s no rush
I am looking for everyone who is looking for a long-lasting friendship is welcome. :)
I can read and write: German and English.
08/01/19 - Selina R
I’m a 23 years old woman. I would really like to find a e-pal and/or pen pal as I really like the idea of receiving mails or, even better, letters. My hobbies include watching movies and tv shows (I really love Harry Potter, Riverdale, Stranger Things and Marvel), reading books, spending time with my friends, cooking and baking… you name it. I also like memes a lot. But I honestly don’t want to tell too much, let’s just chat and get to know each other better!

I can read and write: German and English.
26/12/18 - Torsten Behrens - Reiner-Lange-Str. 1 - 21680 Stade - Germany
I’m a 50 years old man. I am a guy in Northern Germany and I am looking for long-term pen pals from around the world, who doesn’t stop writing after 1-2 or 3 letters or emails. I really hate this! More about me in my future emails and letters.
I can read and write: German and English.
31/10/18 - Dirk Lother - Bismarkstr. 45 - 52066 Aachen - Germany
I’m a 44 years old man. I used to have snail mail pen pals when I was a teenager and the internet was not yet available to me. I miss writing and receiving snail mail letters and postcards! I’m a technical writer by trade, I play the piano and the ukulele, and I sometimes write songs. I also like drawing / painting and like to produce my own stationery for the letters or postcards I post.
’m looking for a pen pal (m/f) from another culture, preferably from Asia. But it doesn’t really matter where you are as long as you also like writing snail mail! I’d like to know more about your life and I’ll tell you about mine. Maybe we can become friends?
I can read: German, English, French
14/10/18 - REBEKKA
 I’m a 41 years old woman. I work full-time in an office.
What I like:
* go to museums, concerts and plays
* reading
* old movies like "Arsenic and Old Lace"
* to meet with friends
* ice hockey 
* Jane Austen (especially Pride & Prejudice) <3
* to write and receive letters. To exchange opinions and thoughts
What I don’t like:
* political and religious extremism
* spiders
I search for a snail mail pen who enjoys to keepin contact monthly or as often as time permits.
I can read: German, English and French
24/09/18 - Katharina W - Perleberger Straße 23 - 10559 Berlin - Germany
I’m a 38 years old woman. I love reading, watching ice hockey, movies
I’m looking for snail mail pen pals from all over the world.
I can read German, English and French
05/09/18 - Steffi T - Postfach 1809 - 46308 Borken - Germany
I’m a 32 years old woman. I am a woman from Germany who has always loved exchanging handwritten letters. I love to make friends from different countries and become good friends.
Some of my hobbies/interests are languages, travelling, watching series, knitting, creativity, animals, nature, writing letters, reading and running.
I would love to have pen pals from all over the world to share our everyday-lives, dreams, hopes, wishes, ... It would be nice to have some worldwide friends to share stories with. Please send me a letter if you are interested in becoming pen pals (I am not interested in email/online friendship, sorry.)
I can read / write English, German and French.
17/08/18 - Maren Behrens - Schmiedestraße 10-18 - 23552 Lübeck - Germany
I’m a 26 years old woman. I am a nice girl who likes to watch TV playing ice hockey and I am a huge fan of the Humboldt Broncos. I got several tattoos. I also have a daughter. She is four years old. I am single.
I am looking for: someone between 23 and 35 years old only from Canada Belgium New Zealand The Netherlands and America
I can read: English German Dutch and some Japanese/Spanish
30/06/18 - JERRICA
I’m a 34 years old woman. I’m Canadian but I live in Germany now, with my husband. I’m a normal, down to earth person who loves books, writing letter, TV shows and movies, photography, crafts, traveling and shopping. 
I’m looking to get in touch with both snail and e-mail pals. I’d love to hear all about your life, country and culture, it doesn’t matter where you’re from. I’d prefer female pals, but I’m open to hearing from all interesting people. 
I can read English, German
23/06/18 - Maret G
I’m a 22 years old woman, currently studying history and Hispanic Studies in Berlin, where I live in a (rather raggedly) suburb. I used to have a lot of pen pals when I was younger but unfortunately, I lost sight of them. I’ve always loved receiving handwritten letters and so I’d be glad to have a pen pal again. I guess I am a bit peculiar inasmuch as I am quite a loner and spend most of my time without companionship. Anyway, I’d say I am an overall kind person who can act according to social norms ;) I’m not an expert in anything but interested in literally nearly all kinds of stuff. Not the typical left-wing/alternative student but fairly undogmatic. I like baking and nature/hiking and I want to live by the seaside someday. My present guilty pleasures are Jimmy Fallon clips, dancing to Morrissey’s The Last of the Famous International Playboys and reading Kafka short stories. Generally, I like listening to oldies (Simon & Garfunkel, CCR, amongst others) and black humored movies, especially Danish and British ones. Adore Mads Mikkelsen. It’s so hard to describe oneself so I hope these details may give you a clue. Age doesn’t really matter, still I’d prefer someone whose age doesn’t excel mine too extremely (like more than 15 or 20 years). Gender doesn’t matter. I am not looking for a relationship but a person to share my thoughts with. Someone from a country far away would be great (no must). Please write me an e-mail if you feel you are maybe a little bit odd, too, then I’ll tell you my address.
I am looking for someone who writes handwritten letters, just friends
I can read: English, Spanish, tiny bits of Norwegian, German
06/06/18 - KIRSTIN
I’m a 39 years old woman. I love finding real letters in my mailbox and reading from people from all over the world, talk about our different traditions and culture, learn about the other country and also talk about our daily lives. So I hope to find some like-minded people who are interested in corresponding via snail mail. I am married so I am definitely not looking into romance or relationship, just friendship. I work part-time which gives me the chance to spend time in the afternoon with my kids, playing board games together etc. In my free time I love to go running, biking, inline skating, writing letters, reading, taking pictures. I also enjoy hiking but mainly in the mountains so with no mountains around this remains a vacation activity... I lived in a couple of other countries and used the opportunity to travel around there before me and my family moved back to Germany.
I am looking for snail mail pen pals who share some of my interests. I am especially interested in writing to pals in Scandinavia, Australia and New Zealand but am happy to correspond with people from other countries as well. Friendship only!
I can read and write German, English and French.
05/06/18 - Clara Sbrt
I’m a woman and I was born April 5, 2003. My hobbies are meeting friends, listening to music (I really like Indie/Alternative Bands), playing piano and watching TV series (my favorites are How I Met Your Mother, Stranger Things and Grey’s Anatomy). Furthermore, I really like travelling, learning languages and getting to know new people.
Because I want to improve my English and Spanish, I’m looking for a pen pal who speaks Spanish and/or English. It would be cool if he/she is a native speaker, but it doesn’t matter if not. At first, I want to write E-Mails.
I can read / write English and Spanish.