24/02/18 - Clara Sbrt
Iím a woman and I was born April 5, 2003. My hobbies are meeting friends, listening to music (I really like Indie/Alternative Bands), playing piano and watching TV series (my favorites are How I Met Your Mother, Stranger Things and Greyís Anatomy). Furthermore, I really like travelling, learning languages and getting to know new people.
Because I want to improve my English and Spanish, Iím looking for a pen pal who speaks Spanish and/or English. It would be cool if he/she is a native speaker, but it doesnít matter if not. At first, I want to write E-Mails.
I can read / write English and Spanish.

08/01/18 - Maren Behrens - SchmiedestraŖe 10-18 - 23552 LŁbeck - Germany
Iím a woman and I was born January 1, 1992. I love Agus Bernasconi and Maxi Espindola
I am looking for someone from Japan Argentina or USA between 25-36 man or woman
I can read / write German, English, and Dutch.

26/12/17 - Lea Hormung - In der Heide 8 - 45711 Datteln - Germany
Iím a woman and I was born July 24, 1990. Iím an outdoor person. I like to take a walk whenever the weather is good enough and be outside playing sports. I also like to take trips during my free time to get to know new places and people. Unfortunately, I donít have as much time as I used to have before to do so since I started working full time after I finished my studies last spring. I also like to meet and get to know people if itís face to face or through letters.
I am looking for someone that wants to share his/her life, whatever is going on and what you feel like sharing with me. Iíd love to meet new people, find new friends. I have a long-time pen pal that I write to and I hope to find someone else (maybe more) that to correspond to a regular basis. Male/female old/young it doesnít matter to me.
I can read English, deutsch, franÁais

29/11/17 - Karin Humburg - Buersche StraŖe 117 - 49084 OsnabrŁck - Germany
Iím a woman and I was born June 24, 1987. Iím a woman from Germany, and Iím looking for an American male pen pale. Iím an international welder, but not able to work at the time. I love nature, rain, thunderstorms, animals, my job off course, music and a lot more. I was in the German army, and Iím not a typical woman also, I hate shopping, wear no make-up, and thatís good
I prefer snail mail, I love handwritten letters.
I can read/write: German and English.

15/11/17 - Sina Fassott
Iím a woman and I was born October 8, 1992. Iím Sina from Germany. Iíve been pen palling for 17 years now and recently I lost contact with some. So Iím looking for some more. About myself Iím a History Student, a book and movie lover, a proud Hufflepuff, a choir singer, a traveler and I have a 10 years old Golden Retriever who I love dearly.
You should be between 18 and 35 years old. Gender doesnít matter. Iím only looking for people to snail mail with. So please send me an email in which you tell me something about yourself and Iíll give you my address.
I can read / write: German and English.

23/09/17 - Behrens Maren - SchmiedestraŖe 10-18 - 23552 LŁbeck - Germany
Iím a woman and I was born January 1, 1992. I love Agus Bernasconi and Maxi Espindola
I am looking for: from South America only, snail mail
I can read English, German and Dutch

17/07/17 - Torsten Behrens - Reiner-Lange-Str. 1 - D-21680 Stade - Germany
Iím a man and I was born January 9, 1968. I am a very loyal and honest guy from a small town in Northern Germany
I look for pen pals around the globe, especially from the U.S., Canada, UK, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Australia, New Zealand, but also from all over Europe (incl. Russia) and from South America. I really hate intolerant and ignorant people. I would love to write snail mail or emails with you. Both are ok and fine with me.
I can read German, English and some others.
21/06/17 - KATHRIN S
Iím a woman and I was born June 18, 1968, married with one child and looking for female pen pals around my age who also like writing (snail mail), creativity, books, nature (beach), yoga, travelling, etc. More about myself in my letters. I can read/write in German and English.
20/064/17 - Daria Krulak
Iím a woman and I was born October 27, 1999.
My Interests: I like art and literature. I am interested in other cultures (especially Asian culture). I like to read, draw, travel and listen to the music.
Languages: German, English, Polish and a little bit Spanish and Japanese.
Pen pals I look for: any gender (I prefer female) from age 16 to 22.