05/04/19 - Hi, my name is Melissa. I am a 40 years old from Melbourne Australia. My interests are many and varied. I enjoy playing tennis, reading, watching movies, going to comic cons and travelling to as many places as I can. (I have a very long list of all the places I want to visit) I am also known to be quiteaddicted to musical theatre. Experiencing and discovering new things is also enjoyable as well as spending time with my family and friends. I am looking for penpals from anywhere in the world, male or female. I am only looking for new friendships and definitely no ROMANCE! Unfortunately I will not reply back. Am happy to communicate through e-mail or snail mail (hopefully more than one or two letters). Please, please do not write to me if you are looking for a romantic relationship as I will not reply. I can not stress this enough. I am looking for friendships only.

22/03/19 - John Chibang - Unit 10/6 Ridley Street, Albion - Melbourne, VIC 3020 - Australia
I’m a 39 years old man.I am Australian living in Melbourne, I would like to form friendship with Christian or non-Christian women around the world, I would like someone who write long letters; like travelling, reading, exchange holidays, outdoor life, camping, music.
I am looking for women for friendship, companionship, for travelling and exchange holidays, or just to write about life experiences, I prefer long letters, and someone who won’t stop after one letter.
I can read and write English and French.

17/02/19 - My name is Maddie. I'm 28 years old and I live in a coastal town about an hour south of Sydney. I live here with my husband and three kids - 8 year old daughter and 1 year old twin boys. I'm also a registered nurse on an acutecoronary care unit.I'm a huge Harry Potter fan and I love anything vintage. I'm a huge reader and I love writing, cooking, baking, crochet and embroidery. I'm not a great gardener but I'm learning. I'd like to exchange recipes, goodies and art supplies. I love anything handmade would be vey happy to send you something I have made just for you. I am looking for someone around my age to share snail mail with. I love the idea of a penpal from France, someone who could help me learn the basics of the language and maybe want to learn english in return. But any country is great.I'd like for them to like the same things I do so we can exchange things we can only find in our countries. I'd like to exchange recipes, goodies and art supplies.

13/02/19 - I'm Real. So this is gonna be informal af cuz I'm too lazy to write a formal intro. I'm 17 and in 12th grade. Currently failing school. Would preferably like to talk to someone from an English speaking country. We can do voice calls if you're up to it. Talking on email is a pain so if you have any social media you wanna use, tell me.

08/02/19 - Monique BOLLEN
I’m a 33 years old woman. I am a disability worker and event manager who loves animals, live music, cooking and animals
I am looking for either snail mail or email pen pals male or female who are interested in a developing a long term friendship. I will give out my postal address once we get to know each other

02/02/19 - Looking for snail mail, female pals only. I'm Maureen, 53, single & childless & live in Australia. I am extremely well travelled & prefer women within about ten years either side of my age. I'm laid back & easy going, with a sharp wit & even sharper sense of humour. As I am childless, don't mind a little talk about kids, but prefer other topics. I write about 4-5 A4 pages & prefer the same - short letters on tiny pages aren't for me I'm afraid. I am a regular writer -the more regular you, then so will I be. If you're a once, twice, three times a year writer then again, you may need to choose a more suitable friend. I don't mind male penpals however.. friendship only nothing more. And no, I absolutely do not want a romance - if I wanted one I'd find it in my own country , and not indulge in some stupid cyber romance. I have many interests, music, books but not romance novels or chick lit, seeing live bands. I am extremely well travelled, having lived outside of Australia for many years. I also love history, old movies, the older the better, museums, things that go "bump in the night ". Photography is also a big passion. Being outside enjoying the Australian sunshine, animals, the beach. I have many many interests, but crafting isn't one of them. I'm happy to chat about anything, including the more taboo subjects such as politics or religion . I don't care if you type or hand write, I do both from time to time. So, thats really about it from me, I have no real preference for any particular country - everyone is welcome to write. Best wishes to all and I hope to meet some lovely new people

29/01/19 - Hey! I'm Peter a 23-year-old Australian. I am really into films and if you are too then we'll definitely get along. I also like music (rock and classical are my favourites), dancing (any sort), reading and spending time with the people I care about. I live in a coastal city that has some great beaches and nightlife, the foods pretty great too. People say I'm an extrovert and I tend to agree. I like to get to know people fully and once I trust you, I trust you. Since I was young I'd wanted a penpal but never had one, but with the internet, I thought I'd give it a try. I am old fashioned and would love to find someone to send handwritten letters to and hopefully have a long lasting friendship with. If anything of what I said aligns with your interests, then send me an email. I'd love to meet you! (I know this is a short ad, but that means we'll have more to talk about)

27/01/19 - I'am Sandra from Sydney Australia. I'am now 64, divorced and a christian. Non smoker and a non drinker. My job is working at a hospital in the kitchen and once a month work with a church team to help the homeless to get off the streets to have a better life. Seeking honest male penpals that have a good outlook on life. Please do not ask me for money. Have a great day and week from Sandra.

18/01/19 - My name is Edwin and I am a 48 years old single male, back in Australia after living in the UK for 6 years. I am looking for genuine females to write to, become good friends and maybe visit one day as I do a passion for travel. Please drop me an email if you want to know more. Tell me something about yourself as well please. All genuine messages will be replied to. Please put PENPAL in the email subject as I get a lot of spam and only ones with this will be read. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

09/10/18 - Helen Jane Payne - 6 Wilsons Road - Doncaster, VIC 3108 - Australia
I’m a 36 years old woman. I’m a happily married Australian woman of Greek heritage. I’m a former housewife, turned student, studying the Diploma of Nursing to fulfil my lifelong dream of becoming a nurse. I hope to work in the community, aged care or mental health, when I qualify… And perhaps continue the education through to the Bachelor of Nursing, depending on how hectic things get.
I’m interested in art and hand-crafts, reading all types of books, playing the ukulele, watching happy light-hearted movies and TV shows, and collecting/swapping small items such as postcards and stickers. I love animals, life, and traveling around Australia with my husband and pets.
I am looking for long term snail mail pen pals. I’d love to hear and learn about other parts of the world. Just looking for someone to connect and share stories with. I am not looking for romance or emails. Thanks, looking forward to hearing from you!
I can read and write: English, Greek.
12/08/18 - Bec Dorsett - PO Box 4284 - Frankston Heights, VIC 3199 - Australia
I’m a 38 years old woman. I am a stay at home mum to two amazing little boys under five and we live in Australia with their daddy who I’ve been with for just over 20 years (not married). I’m spiritual, not religious with my beliefs being along a pagan path. When I get some rare time to myself I love reading, listening to music (country being my favorite), journaling or adult coloring. I am starting to get back into arts and craft and novice photography now my boys are getting a little older. I also enjoy being outside and going on little adventures with my boys when we have the time.
I am looking for anyone with similar interests who are open minded, after long lasting friendship and will write more than once. Also need to understand that life can get hectic at times, so letter delays will happen from time to time.
No men from Africa please (too many bad experiences sorry) and no heavily religious people trying to ‘save’ or convert me. Not going to happen!
02/06/18 - Rebecca M - 2/22 Brown St Long Gully - Bendigo, VIC 3550 - Australia
I’m a woman and I was born March 16, 1974. Partner, five children, three grandchildren.
I am looking for woman over 40.
01/06/18 - Jo West - 5 Boondar St - Chigwell, TAS 7011 - Australia
I’m a woman and I was born July 1, 1951. I enjoy reading, word puzzles, pub quizzes, travel.
I am looking for women of any age, in Australia only.