13/01/18 - Tinne Laenens - Stationsstraat 65 - 9255 Buggenhout - Belgium
I'm a woman and I was born January 21, 1999. I like to meet other people, so I could write them to get to know them better.
Kind of pen pal I am looking for: It doesnāt matter.
I can read / write Dutch and English.
30/12/17 - Kenzey Roose - Handzamestraat 173 - 8610 Handzame - Belgium
I'm a man and I was born April 28, 1999. I love reading and having long conversations
I am looking for kind, sweet people
I can read/write French, German and English.

16/12/17 - Anneleen Bruno - Djef Antenstraat 14 - 3500 Hasselt - Belgium
I'm a woman and I was born June 14, 1991. Most of my time I spend with my dogs. I love reading (novels of Jane Austen, Poldark series), puzzling, crocheting, cooking, ...
It would be nice to make new friends. Male or female, but preferably someone in the same stage of life as me. Letters and e-mail.
I can read English, Dutch, French

29/11/17 - Je m'appelle Josā LOKO et j'ai 41 ans, banquier de profession et je souhaite correspondre avec des personnes venant de partout pour discuter par messages, bien sār et surtout me faire des amis. mon email:
 Hello! I am Josā LOKO banker by profession and I wish to correspond with people coming from everywhere to discuss by messages, of course and especially to make friends. My email:

11/10/17 - Je m'appelle NELLY MOUNET et j'ai 31 ans. Je suis ici pour āchanger des idāes avec toutes personnes sans distinctions de race ni de sexe. Voici mon courriel:


25/09/17 - M. Neirinck - Sint Clarastraat 77 - 8000 Brugge - Belgium
I'm a man and I was born April 20, 1961, interested in arts film religion and a lot moreā swap postcards
I am looking for male female
I can read / write English and Dutch.

14/04/17 - Barbara van der Lans
I'm a woman and I was born December 31, 1977.
Great, youāre reading this ad, means I should tell a little about myself right. So I'm Barbara, female, artistic, I play music. I prefer snail mail over fast chat sessions, it allows me to put work into my penmanship and letter-art. I like DIY projects and graphic novels. I'm also a āshonenā-fan.
I'm looking for people from England and Ireland; to upgrade my English and maybe make some overseas friends. Scandinavia and Japan; to learn your language and to get to know you, maybe become friends (hikikomori are ever so welcome to contact me too)
. Donāt be afraid to drop me an e-mail, so we can swap addresses
I can read/write: English, Dutch.
13/04/17 - Je m'appelle Lydie B et j'ai 56 ans. Pour monsieur de ma gānāration aimant ācrire de longues missives.