18/06/19 - Raulnildo Santos, 67, man
Retired Teacher of Mathematics
I am looking for male or female
I can read and write English and Portuguese.
13/06/19 - Rachel Geo Maia, 52, woman
I am divorced, don’t have kids, work with law and live in Brazil
I am looking for: letters
I can read and write English, Spanish and Portuguese.
06/06/19 - Bruna Freire, 34, woman
I work at a dance school in the heart of São Paulo. I like to dance, to exercise, to read books, to watch movies and series. I like to take pictures and walk around the city. I like to run in the pouring rains and eat delicious dishes. I love the sunshine at mornings, take long showers and singing when there is nobody to watch hahahah I’m Christian and I like to talk about life and even give some advices sometimes... I like to write letters and hear stories about people around the world. I really love to hear stories and know about other cultures and routines. I’m looking forward to meet new friends from different cultures. 
I am looking for anyone 
I can read: English, Portuguese and French

03/06/19 – ANDREI, I seek for pens from Japan, Oz, China, Vietnam - BTW 30/38 yrs to share topics. Gals r welcome surely

27/05/19 - Marina M Becker, a 23 years old woman
I love movies, I like to listen to music mainly pop and classic rock, I love reading. I have two domestic animals, a dog and a cat. I like to do various things, I am a fun person and I am a good counselor too. I love meeting new people and exchanging intercultural experiences. I travel a lot but I also like to stay at home, I am the kind of person who is always willing to do new things and listen to both sides of the same story.
I am looking for: friend
I can read and write: English, Spanish, French and Russian.
20/04/19 - Felipe Tiglea - Caixa Postal 80195 - São Paulo 03350-970 - Brazil
I’m a 35 years old man. I really like literature, poetry and photography. I like simple things; I like human imperfection ...
I am looking for sincere people, who like good letters, and good friendships.
I can read and write English, Spanish and Portuguese.
17/04/19 - Lucas Batista Carriconde - Rua Eduardo Souza Lima n° 10 - Uberaba - 38017-304 - Brazil
I’m a 31 years old man. I’m a elementary Portuguese teacher, a writer of sci-fi, fantasy and horror books. I love reading, writing and spare some time with my wife and our six pets (five cats and one dog). I love to know other countries and cultures. I’m a huge fan of series, films and books. My favorite place in my Granny’s house where I grew up. I have a lot of plans and dreams. One of them is to become a professional writer. I intend to have kids. I like cold places and delicious food. I’m a very open-minded guy and simply adore psychology, philosophy, literature and history. I’m actually in college again doing the psychology. I think for now that it 
I am looking for open minded people who wants a long-term friendship. People who can teach me their own language and want to learn some Portuguese. 
I can read: Spanish, English, Portuguese and English
14/04/19 - Maria Renata - Rua Dr. Manoel A. Bezerra de Araujo, 2304 Apto. 203 – Ponta Negra - Natal 59090-430 - Brazil
Sou Maria Renata, 42 anos, no momento resido na cidade de Natal (nordeste brasileiro) conhecida como a terra do sol. Gosto de livros, música e pessoas não necessariamente nesta ordem. Quero muito conhecer novas pessoas e fazer amizades.
O tipo de amigos que eu estou procurando: Com disposição para amizades verdadeiras.
Idiomas que posso ler: Português, Espanhol e um pouco de inglês
11/04/19 - THALITA
I’m a 33 years old woman. I’m a Brazilian woman. I used to have many pen pals as a kid but slowly they stopped writing or I did. I would like to get back to having pen pals, although, at the moment, I would prefer to exchange e-mails at first. I love reading, last year I read around 80 books. Music is another of my passions, I can’t live without Spotify anymore. I also spend a lot of time playing board games with my friends. I love learning languages. I’m fluent in English, but I can speak some Spanish and Italian too. I’m queer, a little bit crazy, a little bit nerdy, and I’m an INFJ!
I am looking for: People around my age interested in making new friends and learn about diferent cultures. Man or woman, I don’t mind. It would be nice to meet people with similar interests, but it’s okay if we have nothing in common. I’m looking for friends, no relationship. I’d prefer to start writing e-mails at first.
I can read: Portuguese, English, Spanish, Italian
06/04/19 - Juliana Cristina Gomes - Antonio Bertoldi, 869 – Campo de Santana - Curitiba 81490-426 - Brazil
I’m a 27 years old woman.
Sobre mim: Olá, me chamo Juliana, moro em Curitiba - Brasil. Adoro escrever e quero amigos para trocar cartas. Gosto de conversar sobre tudo, principalmente séries, filme, animais, natureza.
Gostaria de amigos de todo lugar do mundo que gostem de escrever, conversar sobre tudo.
Meus idiomas: português, inglês e espanhol.
Hi, my name is Juliana, I live in Curitiba - Brazil. I love writing and I want friends to exchange letters. I like to talk about everything, especially series, film, animals, nature. I would like friends from all over the world.
I am looking for Like to write, talk about everything.
I can read and write: Portuguese, English and Spanish.
24/03/19 - Amanda C - Avenida Morada Nova 364A - São Paulo 04911-040 - Brazil
I’m a 20 years old woman. I like to make friends from all over the world and it will be a pleasure to have the opportunity to meet you through letters, love writing letters that has already become my hobby, I believe that through letters we can truly know ourselves without fear to be judged, I would love to receive your letter and anyone who knows makes us friends for life, I like cultural difference, regardless of country or religion I consider myself a person well open to talk about all matters with clear respect we can even have true friendship, I will want to know of your joys or even sadness I like to listen to people, in addition to the letters I also like to send is to receive gifts even in the day of your day special birthday I think cool friends by letters see you soon!
I am looking for mMan and woman
I can read and write English and Spanish.

11/03/19 - I'm Fillipe, interested in building new friendships. We can share the events of our day-to-day life, we can share our personal goals, our achievements, our frustrations, new memes, random thoughts and even some playlists, anyway, we can know each other! Read all this ad and if you believe I'm someone interesting enough to talk to, let's make it happen. Throughout my life I have practiced soccer and swimming, it was an exciting time. I've also tried the gym, but it's a pretty boring environment for me. In the quest for an alternative, I think Boxing and Classic Ballet/Street Dance may be good options, maybe I'll start practicing at least one of them later this year. I also want to get to know the 4 American leagues better (NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB) and have a team to cheer on each of them, but it's not as simple a task as it sounds. I really like studying other languages. Besides Portuguese, my native language, I also speak English and Spanish. I have plans to start studying other languages (norwegian, hebrew, russian, etc) in the future, I want to be a great polyglot in the next years.
My musical taste is QUITE eclectic, I like Jeff Buckley, Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Steven Wilson, Oasis, The Cure, Soda Stereo, Charly Garcia, Spinetta, Ornatos Violeta, Amor Electro, Legião Urbana, Engenheiros do Hawaii, Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Five Finger Death Punch, Duncan Dhu, Kings of Convenience, Mon Laferte, Lucybell, Héroes del Silencio, El Cuarteto de Nos,
נצ'י נצ', Xavier Naidoo, טונה , הדג נחש, Ultimo, Måneskin, maNga, Mor ve Ötesi, Noize MC, Каста, Namika, Suspekt, Kaleo, G-Dragon, among many others... I like to sing and write lyrics. Piano is my favorite instrument, although I still can't play.
Religiously speaking, I believe in Judaism, although I'm not a Jew. Politically speaking, my positioning is more right-wing. I consider myself a rather optimistic person. I also have a Tumblr where I make a toast to poetry.
There are a number of other topics that also arouse my interest, and that we may have long conversations about any of them, if you wish, for example; Literature, cinema, TV shows, academic life, games, comics, cooking, history, photography, fashion, etc.

04/03/19 - Bianca Ticoolly - Caixa postal 5010 - Vitória 29045-970 - Brazil
I’m a 27 years old woman. I was born in Minas Gerais, I live in Victory, Brazil. I am very happy and glad to receive your email I am also madly in love with everything that is related to writing and reading ... I love postcards, letters, drawings, figurines, brochures explaining places. I love sharing my experiences and getting to know a little of each piece of our world and, thus, being able to create bonds and build affectivities that sustain a walk together! take care that God enlightens and protects you every day more!
Pen type friend I’m looking for: people who like me love writing and love to share their lives and routines.
I can read and write: Portuguese, Spanish and English.

16/02/19 - Tricius, 49, male. Looking for females 18-40 years old with similar tastes, who will visit Brazil on current year from South & North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, bisexuals highly welcome. My hobbies: bodybuilding, classical music, jazz, fine arts, history, rock from the eights, ufology, cooking, wines

09/02/19 - Michele Mayumi Murakami - Rua Geraldo Ferreira Tavares, 900, Bosque dos Eucaliptos - São José dos Campos / SP 12232-110 - Brazil
I’m a 20 years old woman. I like to read personal improvement books, walking, watch romantic movies, see stores, your tendencies and exchange letters!
I’m looking for meeting new person of other countries and looking to know about other places in the world!
I can read and write: English, Portuguese and Spanish.
07/01/19 - Juliana Sofia Silva de Almeida
I’m a 18 years old girl. I’m a girl who likes to play guitar, listen to music, travel, study (specially chemistry), cook and draw. I also like to play some games. I can speak English and Portuguese, and I’d like to learn French. I love to watch series, my favorite one is Breaking Bad, I really love it! My favorite band is Coldplay, but I also like some songs of my country. Someday I wanna travel all the world and meet new countries.
I’m looking for new friends, who I can talk and know more about their countries. I never had a pen pal, but I think it’s cool, so here I am.
I can read English and Portuguese
29/12/18 - LUCKY
Eu sou um homem e nasci em 28 de maio de 2000.
Procuro pessoas dispostas a compartilhar de suas culturas e conhecimentos, eu gostaria de ler e escrever curto músicas e também filmes.Espero por resposta.
Não sei falar e nem escrever inglês ou outro idioma a não ser o meu.
28/12/18 - Thaís Miranda Cesar - R. São Paulo, 1890 apartamento 404 - Vila Velha 29101-308 - Brazil
I’m a 27 years old woman. I love traveling but don’t always have the money to do so, I like to read, watch Netflix, listen to music, and to spend time with friends and Kind of pen pal I am looking for: friends from anywhere to write letter, get to know more about your culture, life experience and to know more about
I can read Portuguese, English, Spanish
25/12/18 - Layla Andrade - Rua Araguaia, 84 - Vila Velha 29122-110 - Brazil
I’m a 22 years old woman. I’m a student, daughter of God. I want to serve my neighbors and meet people. I like to read, I love to travel.
I am looking for young, woman, men, to know their life stories.
I can read and write: Portuguese, English and Spanish.
10/12/18 - Ronaldo Reis - PO Box 525 - Natal-RN 59020-970 - Brazil
I’m a 68 years old man.
My interests: New friendships and also when possible exchange postcards.

I want to write letters, and only real friends. I write in English (with some errors), and Portuguese.
08/12/18 - Rodrigo dos Santos - Rua Geral Poço Grande, 6051 - Lagoa Gaspar 89115-450 - Brazil
I’m a 29 years old man. I like to make new friends, airsoft, trekking, photography and know new things. I’m learning Italian and Spanish... I understand a little, but I still do not know much.
I am looking for new friends.
I can read and write: Portuguese, Spanish and Italian.
06/12/18 - Italo Jordan dos Santos Barbosa - Rua Presidente Casteli Branco, N°265, Bairro Boa - Esperança - Belo Horizonte - Brazil
I’m a 15 years old boy. I’m a funny person ready to make new friends, I like to read, surf in internet, to eat and to sleep
I am looking for true friends and funny
I can read / write: English, Portuguese and Spanish.
04/12/18 - Lucimar Santos - Rua Domício da Gama LT.24 QD.101 - Centro - Maricá 24900-820 - Brazil
I’m a 33 years old woman. I like to read, write, draw, collect pictures, stickers, card papers, postcards, watch movies, tv series, travel, meet people, among other things :)
I would like to meet people from everywhere, to get to know other cultures, languages, exchange ideas, experiences ...
I can read Portuguese, English
02/12/18 - Talita Avelino Gonzaga - Rua Rio Brígida, 145 - Petrolina 56320-420 - Brazil
Sou uma mulher e nasci em 25 de junho de 1985. Adoro receber e escrever cartas. Sou uma menina alegre, gosto de ouvir músicas, dançar, cozinhar e fazer novas amizades.
O tipo de amigos que eu estou procurando: Pessoas que se identifiquem comigo e tenha paciência, porque eu não sei inglês. Mas, tenho um amigo que faz a tradução pra mim.
Idiomas que posso ler: inglês, espanhol e português
30/11/18 - Lilian Borges - Rua Engenheiro Burity. Bom Jardim. 376 - Senhor do Bonfim 48970-000 - Brazil
Sou uma mulher e nasci em 5 de agosto de 1988. Sou estudante de enfermagem. Moro no Nordeste do Brasil. Estou em busca de conhecer pessoas de culturas diferentes. Gosto de me comunicar através de cartas e gostaria de melhorar meu inglês e espanhol. Gosto de viajar e ler livros.
O tipo de amigos que eu estou procurando: homens e mulheres jovens que gostam de se comunicar.
Idiomas que posso ler / escrever: inglês, espanhol e português
27/11/18 - Andressa Schell - Rua Rio Negrinho, 98 - Blumenau 89026-380 - Brazil
I’m a 23 years old woman. I believe we should slow down our lives and learn to live again, with patience and balance, learn to listen our body, our limits and be a so shining happy people. I love animals and plants, my favorite is orchids and ferns.
I am looking for meeting some people, make friends, meet new places, cultures, local food recipes... :)
I can read and write: English and Portuguese.
22/11/18 - Nina M. Becker - Av. Osvaldo José Do Amaral, Bela Vista - São José, Florianópolis 88115-800 - Brazil
I’m a 22 years old woman. I am intense, explosive and light. I love music. I love movies and reading to me is more than love, it’s indescribable. Flexible, clumsy and affectionate. I do not have ability with numbers, I’ve never been good at exact things. I’m free and I’m always ready for anything. I have no problem waking up early, I love the view of the sea and if my name were not the one, I would remain with the same. I’m cunning, selfish and sometimes crazy. I can go wrong and not be the best person in the world, but that does not change the fact that I love helping so many people and being passionate about living in a world full of differences, beliefs and colors. I’m not the same as before, and tomorrow may not be the same as today, but I bring a lot - a lot of what I was, and I will be a lot of what I am. I am exaggerated, jealous and sweet. Things become more important when they are true, just, and sincere. I may not know where I’m going, but I know exactly where I want to go.
I am looking for any interaction, I just want to meet new people, make friends, share experiences and exchange letters.
I can read and write: English, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian and German.
11/11/18 - Evelyn Reis - Rua Antonio Leite Penteado, 474 - São Paulo 03816-000 - Brazil
I’m a 21 years old woman. I do not know if I’m really interesting ha-ha I’d like to change postcards with someone write and know all what you can, find new friends ...
I am looking for good friends ...
I can read English, Russian, French and Spanish
29/10/18 - Tiala De Jesus Souza - Rua Primavera Brasileira - São Paulo 04235-220 - Brazil
Sou uma mulher de 21 anos.
Tipo de amigo de cartas estou procurando: Quando eu era mais nova eu tinha um grande amigo de cartas, era muito bom falávamos sobre tudo, sinto saudade!!
Idiomas que posso ler: português e inglesa
10/10/18 - Yasmin Y. Ferreira - Conj. Peroláa II, Quadra 2 N°12, Icui-Guajara - Ananindeua 67125-008 - Brazil
I’m a 21 years old woman. I am studying archeology at university and would like to meet people for pen pal, I love the art of writing that I learned in classics from various countries.
I love studying languages and cultures from different countries and epochs, movies and favorite series about Ancient Rome to the golden years of Cinema. Even being in the age of technology, I really am not a big fan, for me the photos would be more beautiful and artistic when revealed manually, so I would like to meet people for pen pal, I love the art of writing that I learned. I don’t want to do a very long text, so I would love to meet people to exchange letters, send me a message if you want to keep a friendship behind cards! Thank you!
I can read and write: English, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian.
04/10/18 - Amanda Cardoso - Rua Aglaê Reis 202 - São Paulo 05870-010 - Brazil
Soy una mujer de 19 años, quiero hacer nuevos amigos independientemente de la nacionalidad o el país donde vive, creo que las cartas de intercambio son una experiencia única y divertida. Imagina a tu amigo en todo el mundo diciéndote cómo fue tu día cosas buenas de su vida, las malas también confiando en te gusta un amigo de mucho tiempo, enviándote una tarjeta de cumpleaños incluso en Navidad, hablas de las diferencias culturales, un amigo del que puedes hablar sobre cualquier cosa, este amigo que me gustaría también seré un amigo.
Estoy buscando un amigo para siempre.
Idiomas que puedo leer / escribir: español y portugués.
30/09/18 - Maria Jéssica Silva de Almeida
I’m a 20 years old woman. I am Christian, I love to write and meet new people from other countries. I also love to learn new languages (though by now I can only speak my mother language - Portuguese - and English). I wish I could find a good snail mail friend, or if you can’t exchange letters I’ll be very happy to exchange e-mails too.
I look forward to hearing from you soon!
I’m looking for any gender or age to be good friends.
I can read and write: Portuguese and English.
21/09/18 - Geovana Virgínia Soares Costa - Monteiro Lobato, 341/ neighborhood: Allex Müller - Belo Oriente 35196-000 - Brazil
I’m a 19 years old girl.I like to discover different things and cultures. I love reading and writing, lately I feel lonely, so I want a correspondent.
I am looking for let them write in a language I can translate
I can read and write: English, Spanish and Portuguese.
02/09/18 - Ana Gabriella - Rua vereador Laury Villar n°2b - Duque de Caxias 25085-450 - Brazil
I’m a 18 years old girl. I like all kinds of things. I’m new but I have the “head in place”. We can talk about everything.
I am looking for someone who is in the same age group as mine, someone who is really interested to demonstrate more about their culture because I have a thirst for learning.
I can read and write English and Spanish.
13/08/18 - Bianca Caroline - Rua Madalena de Madureira, n° 376, Bairro Limão - São Paulo 02551-040 - Brazil
Eu sou uma mulher e nasci em 24 de outubro de 1999. Sou solteira, universitária faço Direito, pretendo concursa para delegada, sou comunicativa, gosto de conversa, entender a alma da pessoa rsrs, pois bem queria fazer psicologia, vou fazer ainda quer dizer. quero conhecer pessoas novas, sair um pouco do mundo virtual (Facebook, Whats, Instra). E-mail não pois uso para trabalho e estudo. Quero conhecer pessoas novas, não ligo para gênero. Cor, gorda, magra, feia, lindo, não ligo para aparência, gosto de conhecer o caráter das pessoas, o jeito dela. Bom então é isso, sou uma mulher legal, para pouca idade eu tenho maturidade.
Estou procurando amigo ou amiga, colega (o), companheiro (a), Não vou falar que estou a procura de amor, por que acredito que o amor vem com o tempo. Quero alguém pra conversa não importa o lugar e o país. Seja homem ou mulher.
Idiomas que eu posso escrever: em: inglês, português, qualquer idiota qui o google e eu possa escrever.
12/08/18 - Rodrigo dos Santos - Rua Geral Poço Grande, 6051 - Lagoa - Gaspar 89115-450 - Brazil
I’m a 29 years old man. I’m Brazilian, I like to make new friends, airsoft, trekking, photography and know new things. I’m learning Italian and Spanish... I understand a little, but I still do not know much.
I am looking for new friends.
I can read and write Portuguese, Spanish and Italian.