16/02/19 – I'm Jared, I am seeking penpals via email. I'm single living with parents, working part time, hobbies include boating fishing geocaching.

12/02/19 - I'm Tom. Looking for female penpals from any country, any age, married or single. Just drop me a line and I will get back to you.

10/02/19 - Elias José Silva Neto - 9205 Hardy Rd - Delta BC V4C 7V8 - Canada
I’m a 28 years old. I’d like to change letters with anyone who wants to send me something. Be comfortable to contact me and I will answer you as soon as possible. Everyone is welcome! Your age, gender or location means nothing to me! We can talk about anything you want!
I am looking for anyone who wants to have a new long-term friendship.
I can read English, Portuguese, Spanish, French

04/02/19 - I'm Mike, laid back gentleman looking for new friends. Recently separated after many years of marriage. Hard worker. Self employed. Always the good boy. Loves nature and anything out doors. Love to travel. Maybe find a travel partner. Camping, hiking fishing, hockey, golf, reading, nutrition, massage, fitness among my interests. I'm tall, fit and healthy. Dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. Love intelligent and meaningful chat. This time of year. Love to downhill ski. Care to join me? What is your favorite topic to chat about?

03/02/19 - Samantha Ewasiuk - Unit 402 2801-43 Ave - Stony Plain, AB T7Z 0L5 - Canada
I’m a 28 years old woman.  I live in the province of Alberta with my family. I am a single mother to a toddler boy. I am looking for people who are into writing hand written letters to each other. I love mail and sending mail to all over the world. Stuff I like are Anime, manga, video gaming, dinosaurs, Kawaii, Japan, Europe, Pokémon, history, reading books, pen-palling, YouTube, movies, cats, swapping, trading, animals, gardening, zombies, crafting, cooking, baking, drawing, road trips, Halloween, Christmas, Hello Kitty, scrapbooking, Digimon, cartoons and more.
I am looking for male and female from any age/country but no prison men or men from Africa sorry.

28/01/19 - My name is Simone, I’m 18 years old and from Canada. The reason why I’m posting on this site is because I would like to get to know people from different backgrounds and hopefully make good friendships. Here's a little bit about myself, I have a passion for travelling, my goal is to travel around the world. I love to read all types of books and watch movies. I am of Caribbean descent and love to cook. I am a bit shy when getting to know people for the first time but once I'm comfortable I tend to talk a lot. I also am a great listener and good at giving advice if you just want to be heard. Just a disclaimer: I am not a judgemental person but I do not tolerate racism, sexism or homophobia so please don't email me if you are like that. I don't have a preference in how we communicate, it could be by snail mail, email, iMessage, WhatsApp, Google hangouts, kik... whatever makes you comfortable, so just ask. I would love to get to know you all and will try my best to answer all my emails. Also I do have a boyfriend, so if your into the whole relationship thingy I'm not interested.

01/12/18 - Je m'appelle Georges Martin et j'ai 48 ans, désirant me correspondre avec une femme de bonne moralité. Veuillez me répondre dans ma boite:  
23/11/18 - Maryam Khan - 206-5 Brookbanks Drive - North York, ON M3A 2S7 - Canada
I’m a 18 years old girl. I’m a Pakistani Canadian. I started pen-palling a few months ago. I love sending and receiving letters I think we should bring the time of sending letter as communication back! I love cats and animals in general, drawing, baking, designing, photography, nature snail mail, makeup/beauty related things, reading, learning about new things no matter what it is. Knowledge is power. I enjoy scrapbooking and journaling. I’m the biggest potter head :) I always enjoy taking part in intelligent conversation that really makes me think. Please feel free to send me a letter, I always reply to any letters I get.
I am looking for any, I am open to all types of genders, races, ethnicities and ages
I can read: English, Arabic, and Urdu
12/11/18 - Metrea Schmidt - 64 Durand Cres - Red Deer, AB T4R 3A7 - Canada
I’m a 15 years old girl. I'm an outgoing person who loves meeting new people
I am looking for long-term
22/09/18 - Sayed Hossain - 34 Eastern Ave - Brampton ON L6W 1X6 - Canada
I’m a 17 years old boy. Just a normal dude born from immigrant parents. I enjoy playing video games, learning more about software (coding and Adobe Suite), internet memes, and sleeping. I’m more of a laid-back dude who can accept the harsh reality of this world, albeit dark jokes or morbid reality. There’s nothing I’m really good at, just a lot of things I’m average at. This is quite problematic as I’m at the age where I’m supposed to figure out what my future career should be. So maybe my pen pal can help me out with that! Anyways, can’t wait to talk and meet someone new! May we have a swell time.
I am looking for no preferences really. Would prefer someone who is around my age of around 20 years. Also, don’t be rude I guess, but that should come without saying.
03/09/18 - Amina Khan - 206-5 Brookbanks Drive - Toronto, ON M3A 2S7 - Canada
I’m a 25 years old woman. I was born and raised in Canada to immigrant parents who came here in the 80s. I love writing (been doing it since I was six years old!) and reading. I love cooking and baking, and of course eating. I also enjoy making handmade crafts! The idea of writing handwritten letters to people around the world is so beautiful to me. I absolutely love it. If you’d like to hear about my life as a Canadian-Pakistani girl, my struggles, my opinions, my daily life in Toronto, or anything else you’d like to know, then feel free to send me a letter. Tell me about your life! Tell me anything you want. I would absolutely love to hear about other parts of the world and what people are doing! I send reply letters to everyone :) And I’m hoping we can establish a long-term connection and friendship over time. I look forward to hearing from you!
I am looking for someone who is willing to be a long-term pen pal. Someone who is down to earth and can hold interesting conversations. Someone who enjoys talking about their life, their city or country. Snail mailers only!
I can read English, Arabic, Urdu
15/08/18 - Pandora Phinx - 9-7222 Clayton Walk - London ON N6P 1W1 - Canada
I’m a 20 years old woman. I live in Canada in the province of Ontario. I absolutely love writing and reading. On rainy and cold days, I love watching all types of movies.
I am hoping to meet tons of new people and make connections that will last a life time. I am accepting the letters/emails of all people no matter your skin color, your religion, your age or views on the world.
I hope to hear you and your story soon.
10/08/18 - Je m'appelle OMELIA KEYNES et j'ai 31 ans. Je désire correspondre avec des gens sérieux pour une amitié sincère et durable. Voici mon adresse email sur lequel vous allez m'écrire:
22/06/18 - Katrina Musson - 35 Main St, box 35 - Thornloe ON P0J 1S0 - Canada
I’m a 33 years old woman. I am a stay home happily married mother of four children. Our kids used to be homeschooled but now attend the local public school. We also used to be Mennonites (yes, the people in the head coverings and funny dresses) and didn’t have things like TV, internet in the home, radio or socialize with the “world” but since we have left the church recently we have a tv and radio. We are still Christians however, that will never change. We have a small farm with different livestock; jersey cows, sheep, chickens, turkeys, ducks, and so forth with a goal of being completely self-sufficient and sustainable, as I also grow our own produce that I preserve either by canning or freezing for the winter. Eventually when our youngest is old enough (she is six months) we are moving to homestead in the bush. I also own and operate a bakery/ethical meat shop. I have many interests and hobbies; marathon training/running, bible journaling, gardening, animals, preserving, off grid living, reading/writing, history geek, some TV like: Call the Midwife, Mrs. Browns boys etc, garage sales, thrift shops. Quilting, coffee, sweets, soap making, horseback riding (western), visiting ghost towns and abandoned historical places, knitting and crocheting. . . . and so much more. . . 
I am looking to write a few quality women who are like me or share some of my interests, values or ways of life. 
Do not write if you are a man! I am absolutely not interested in having male friends, I have one, my husband. I will not reply to men. 
I can read / write: English and French. 

08/06/18 - L'année prochaine, j'enseignerai en 2ème année à des enfants de 7-8 ans. Dans notre programme d'études sociales de l'Ontario (Canada), nous devrons découvrir les communautés à travers le monde. Je cherche donc des enseignants qui auront un groupe d'élèves environ du même âge que les miens afin de correspondre avec eux durant l'année scolaire 2018-2019. Nous aimerions en connaître davantage sur le climat, les caractéristiques physiques de votre endroit et votre mode de vie. Faites-moi signe si cela vous intéresse! 

05/06/18 - Shanna MARKEE
I’m a woman and I was born September 26, 1996. I’m from Canada. My family has two cats. I love books, writing poetry, mythology, different cultures and especially languages. I love fun facts. If you want to write in something other than English, that’s awesome too. If it isn’t a language I know, I’ll learn it! The world can be a harsh place, and it is always nice to have a friend to write to.
I would like someone to write to, preferably snail mail because I think it sounds like more fun, but I’d like to email first before I give out my address (and please put Pen Pal in the subject so I know where it’s coming from). It doesn’t matter what gender or age you are or where you are from as long as you are a nice person
I can read and write English, Welsh, Scots Gaelic, Spanish and French.
24/05/18 - Laura Brown - c/o M. Thorne, Box 29 - Squirrel Cove, BC V0P 1T0 - Canada
I’m a woman and I was born February 2, 1982. I am a quiet and devoted plane clothes head covered Christian woman. I live in a small cabin with no power or running water on an island on the BC coast. I enjoy walking in the wonderful rain forest that is all around me here. I like to grow my own food as well as fish gather and hunt. I work part time as a child care provider with a family.
I am looking for good hearted Christian people to write letters with. Share stories and talk about life. Faith is not a problem over all as god tells us to love everyone.
12/05/18 - Samantha Ewasiuk - Unit 402 2801-43 Ave - Stony Plain, AB T7Z-0L5 - Canada
I’m a woman and I was born January 2, 1991. I am a single mother to a baby boy born October 23, 2016. I was born in Edmonton and I live in a small town outside of the city called Stonly Plain. I used to work in daycare. I am a true animal lover and have seven cats of my own who are my fur babies. I am into drawing crafting video games anime kawaii Pokémon swapping post cards baking gardening road trips manga reading books movies writing scrapbooking and more too. I am only looking for snail mail pen-pals. I been pen-palling for eight years now. I love learning about the world. I want to see the world someday.
I am looking for anyone in the world. Age / gender does not matter at all.
24/04/18 - Bobbie BONTE
Hi there, my name is Bobbie and am from Canada, a woman of 54 and looking to make new friends with a lot of interests and hobbies, are you interested in becoming my friend ?
Bonjour, mon nom est Bobbie et je suis une dame de 54 ans et veux me faire de nouveaux amis et amies avec des intérêts variés et des passe-temps.  Etes-vous intéressé(e) à m'écrire ? 
02/04/18 - Je m'appelle Marcelle W et j'ai 57 ans. Recette pour une correspondance réussie: - 1 zeste d'investissement - 1 pincée de légèreté - 1 pleine poignée de confiance - 1 cc d'humour. mélanger le tout et laissez mijoter à feux doux jusqu'à consistance idéale. Dégustez avec gourmandise.
23/03/18 - Gina Hammer - 223 Baker St - Hinton, AB T7V 2C4 - Canada
I’m a woman and I was born December 23, 1985. I’m a mother of two-year-old boy, who is my whole world. I love the outdoors and my pets, I have two dogs, wish I could own more. I always tease people that I was born into the wrong family and should of grown up on a ranch, I love horses and don’t mind getting my hands dirty! Lol, I’m a country girl at heart. I used to have pen pals as a child and thought this would be fun to meet new and interesting people, I’m not much for technology and computers, something nice about writing and receiving letters in the mail.
I’m looking for either female or male, I will write back to anyone who writes me and hope we can start a great friendship. I am take, so I’m not looking for love. I’m a pretty open person and hope to write to someone that has some of the same interests, someone who is kind and honest, or even another Mom who needs another Mom friend!
26/02/18 - Ray Michaud - #4-394 des Bouleaux ouest - Québec QC G1L 1M3 - Canada
I’m a man and I was born October 14, 1953. Swm, open minded, sincere, respectful
Me, mature Caucasian from Quebec. As I love very much women, I wish to corr. with girls heteros, bis or lesbians very open-minded for exchanging on intimate topics from everywhere, age, race unimportant. And as said the song “femmes, je vous aime...”. Hope to hear from you.... I speak French too.
I can read / write French, English.

25/02/18 - Heather R
I’m a woman and I was born November 24, 1980. Dog lover and TV and movie addict who enjoys reading and listening to music as well. I am an introvert who prefers pen pals over face to face interactions. However, I do enjoy going to movies, coffee, out to eat or, if money permits, live shows with one to two friends.
I am looking for females, postal or e pals, within ten years of my age. Canada, US, Europe, Australia and New Zealand only. People who will write frequently.
I can read / write English, French.