05/05/19 - I am Wild Passion, an easygoing person who likes to smile and has a little sense of humor-open-minded and can not abide stuck-up people. I am active and fit, love the sun, sea. I like to hike, and will try anything. I am young at heart and an optimistic and generally happy person without a hidden agenda. I am looking for someone who is outgoing and loves to have a good time. I want someone that I can talk to about everything and anything.

10/04/19 - Hi, Iris here. I'm a Chinese college student major in EE (which stands for electric engineering). I love watching films, and I am also a big fan of anime. When it comes to music, I love music indeed. I read a lot in my free time, reading gives me so much inner peacefulness. I love musical and opera. One of my favorite musical is The Phantom of the Opera. I also like Hamilton, Hamilton is the most popular musical these years, and it is really amazing. I'm very interested in different cultures and languages, so I'd love to be able to message someone from a different country and hopefully learn a bit more about the world! Btw, I am learning German. I am working on my first novel, do you have any good story for me? fairy tales, your stories, your friends' stories, all ok! Feel free to send me a email!

30/03/19 - Hi there, it's Liz from China. I am a digital media art student, I like indie and alternative music, art, design and etc. I feel like I want to meet some friends from other countries recently. I am very curious about some things in the world but for economic reasons I may not be able to study abroad, but I still want to be friends with interesting, sensitive and humorous people in the world. If you are interested in this ads, I think we can talk a lot not just about my hobbies, but all cultural things can be. Wish I am lucky to meet you.

15/03/19 - I'm Alex, a Chinese girl. In three months, I'll be 19. I like reading and learning art. I'm more interested in the subject of history. I read history as a novel. I think history is very interesting. he is always unexpected, but it makes sense. I live in a small coastal city, but I've never seen the sea. This is amazing, right? But it's true. I hope to find a long-term pen pal, we do not have to send emails every day, we can send once a month or even two months and half a year, if we can become friends. I want to have a real friend, a friend who won't lie to me. I hate lies. I hate liars. I hope my pen pal is not younger than 17 and not older than 25. Because young people always like to have more topics with young people.