23/02/19 - MÚnica Landeira - Dr. Pasteur, 3, 5ļ 2™ - 17600 Figures - Spain
Iím a 41 years old woman. Iím a cultural manager and history teacher with a lot of hobbies looking to meet new people all around the world. Music is my life and not a day goes by without it. I, also, love to write, read, watch tv shows, football and going out with friends. Iíd love to learn about different cultures.
I am looking for friendly ones.
I can read: English, Spanish, Catalan, French, Galician
07/07/18 - Johana C. - PO Box 4865 - 30080 Murcia - Spain
Iím a 38 years old woman. Iím looking for some long-term snail mail pen pals from all over the world. Preferably women, or very respectful men; Iím married and Iím NOT looking for romance. I love to make friends through letters and I really enjoy writing letters by hand and decorating the envelopes. Please, only real letters written by hand and sent by post, I wonít reply to typed letters since I put a lot of effort into my letters, I usually write medium/long letters. Iím not into social media or e-mailing. If you like postcards or swap small souvenirs occasionally that would be great too, but the most important for me is friendship, so Iím looking forward to make good friends. Iíd love to share about our lives, countries, culture and everything else. I enjoy to learn all sort of things, currently, Iím learning to play the didgeridoo, itís a lot of fun! Also, I like wood carving, woodblock printing, sumi-e, DIY, all sort of crafts, calligraphy, the beach, prunuses in full bloom, world music, learning different languages, tattooing, science, psychology, sports, playing video games and reading books of several genres, my faves are science fiction, mythology, philosophy, art, fantasy and adventure. About movies, I prefer independent films, foreign films, psychological thrillers, anime movies and some crime tv series that I watch online. My lifestyle includes not owning a tv nor a cell phone, but I do own a nice sound system, Iím happy that way since I enjoy getting lost! I consider myself open minded, laid back, genuine, friendly and sincere. A black kitten named Kyubi owns me, sheís my baby! Feel free to send me a letter. Iíll reply to everyone.
I can read and write English and Spanish. Also, I can understand written Portuguese.
07/04/18 - Jo Condon - PO Box 4865 - Murcia 30080 - Spain
Iím a woman and I was born August 24, 1980. My name is Jo and Iíd like to find a nice friend through snail mail. All are welcome, but Iím not looking for romance or flirting at all. I put a lot of effort into every letter I write: I always send decorated envelopes (mail art) and I write my letters in old stylish calligraphy. Since I love art and beaches itís not unusual that youíll receive postcards, artworks, handcrafts or just a little piece of the Mediterranean Sea from me. The sea is very important to me; I was born on an island (Easter Island/Rapa Nui) and then I spent some years living in a house near the sea in ViŮa del Mar, Chile. Now, I have the wonderful opportunity to be near the warm beaches of Costa Calida in Spain. I consider myself a loyal and thoughtful friend, and Iíd like to find someone who also knows the true value of friendship. Currently, Iím trying to become a professional tattoo artist. I enjoy everything about art, music, literature, and other wide variety of interests like: underground culture, drawing, crafting, vintage style mail art, wood carving, oil painting, writing, reading, existentialism, psychology, belief systems, baseball, oddities, etc. Itís nice to share anecdotes about life and Iím also looking forward to having any creative exchange. Please, only long-term pen pals who donít type their letters, thank you! You can find some of my art at  
I can read/write: English and Spanish.

06/04/18 - Je m'appelle Sorzci Key et j'ai 17 ans. Je suis espagnol. J'aime parler. I love to talk with everybody. Mon courriel: