08/11/18 - Je m'appelle Fabien Luio et j'ai 37 ans, je suis à la recherche d'une correspondance. J'espère avoir le plaisir de vous lire par mail.
 31/10/18 - Je m'appelle Thierry Adermane et j'ai 50 ans. Je suis ici pour rencontrer des personnes du monde entier. Je suis sérieux, cool, je suis différent des autres. A vous de me découvrir. Mon adresse mail.  
30/10/18 - Kathleen Soreau
I’m a 17 years old girl. I live in France, near Poitiers. I’m passionate by sports, arts, languages, astrology, astronomy and cosmology. I’m learning several languages, I’m Learning English, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Italian, Tagalog and Arabic. I don’t really know what to say ahah. So, don’t hesitate to send me a message!
I am looking for Anyone
I can read and write: French and English.
16/10/18 - Je m'appelle Hans Robinson et j'ai 45 ans, homme marié, père de 2 filles, respectueux, rêveur, optimiste, calme (faux calme), cherche complicité, relation confidentielle, un jardin secret. Contactez moi directement ici:
13/10/18 - Chloé B
I’m a 20 years old woman. I live in the south of France next to the beach (I love collecting seashells)
I’m a student in psychology. I really adore listening to music. I listen to everything except EDM or music without someone singing since I love to sing (badly). Some of my favorite artists are The Weeknd, BTS, PVRIS, You me at six, nothing, nowhere... I love watching series (House M.D., Supernatural, IZombie, Lockup,), movies and YouTube videos. I like reading books and manga. I enjoy drawing even though I’m not the most talented, I mostly like drawing flowers and animals.
I’m only looking for snail mail pen pals. I’m not really into letting everyone seeing my address so send me an e-mail and I’ll give it to you. I’m ok with sending the first letter too. Just be yourself and I’ll be glad to count you as one of my friends!
I can read and write: French and English.
23/08/18 - Jonathan Padovani - 198 rue Jean Racine - Résidence Monségur, Appt 1, Bat E - 33400 Talence - France
I’m a 34 years old man. I would love to meet people from all around my age to build true friendship. I’m interested by a lot of things: cinema, music, nature, cooking, travelling, decorating, hiking... I’m searching true people to build strong friendship, somebody to be there for me on good or bad moments, and doing the same in return... I’m a loyal, honest, funny and friendly guy who just want to make its place in this world.
I can read and write: English, French, Spanish and Italian.
04/09/18 - Thomas Crouzet - 25 rue Goethe - 67000 Strasbourg - France
I’m a 21 years old man. I am studying English Literature and other languages at the University of Strasbourg (Unistra), I love spending my time with my friends and my family, but I am also passionate about writing and travelling, it is definitely something I could do all day long. So I write, I read and ride my bike (or my scooter) all over the city (or the world — on occasions when I have both money and time) to discover new things (almost to write about). I’ve been mailing my pen pals for more than 5 years now, so I’m really used to having pen pals.
I am looking for pen pals that are culturally open and who want to exchange about their lives, their cultures, their country(ies), their writings if perhaps they write and about anything else — maybe travel buddies if we get to know each other!
I can read English, French, Spanish, German, Hungarian and Norwegian. (Note that I am looking forward to improving my German a lot!)
01/09/18 - Bonjour je m’appelle Athénaïs, j’ai 26 ans. Je vis en France, près de la côte Ouest! Je suis en couple et j’ai une petite fille. Je cherche à correspondre avec des gens de mon âge pour apprendre de nouvelles cultures, se faire des amis à l’autre bout du monde, et programmer un voyage pour faire découvrir votre vie. Présentation courte, mais j’attends des retours. A bientôt
27/08/18 - Je m'appelle Mirabelle A et j'ai 58 ans. Il est agréable de partager des avis, des idées, des émotions avec des personnes amoureuses des mots.
16/08/18 - Laura Rennie - 86 Port Sauvage - 49350 St Clément des Levées - France
I’m a 27 years old woman. I am an open-minded person who loves to discuss, well just about anything. I am very curious and love learning new things! I also love to read and write.
I am looking for someone who likes to chat, and who is respectful of other people’s opinions. I would really love someone who would engage in some snail mail with me, but email is good too. I would like to find someone I can build a friendly relationship with and feel at ease.
I can read and write: French and English.
29/07/18 - Je m'appelle Justine Martins et j'ai 36 ans. J'aimerais correspondre dans le but de créer de belles amitiés. J'ai 36 ans, j'habite dans l'Eure. Vous pouvez m'écrire à A bientôt

14/06/18 - Je m'appelle Jonathan, 34 ans, et je cherche à renouer avec une pratique devenue désuète avec l'arrivée d'internet ou autre Facebook: l'écriture. Je cherche à lier amitié avec des personnes vivant en France, et échanger sur nos passions, nos goûts, nos vies... Construire une belle amitié de la plus jolie des manières... Garçon ou fille peu importe... Je vous laisse mon mail:  

10/06/18 - Hello I'm Thomas.I would like to find a serious correspondant , to improve my english.I could help you with your french if you want.I wish to discover your country.I like playing saxophone and drums and like playing minecraft for wii u. 

30/04/18 - Hello, I am a French man of 40 years who wants to correspond with any person of different culture, the goal being to exchange and speak other languages

08/04/18 - Je souhaiterai correspondre avec une femme ou un homme qui pratique l'aquarelle dans la région de Toronto pour un éventuel voyage. J'aime échanger sur la pratique et si possible, peindre sur le motif. J'habite la France, je ne parle pas l'anglais  

02/04/18 - Paroissien Asae - 1 rue Badat - 06300 Nice - France
I’m a woman and I was born April 29, 2000. I’m nice and very curious
I am looking for any kind man or woman
I can read / write English and French.
24/03/18 - LISA D.
I’m a woman and I was born March 4, 2000. I'd really like to make some new friends across the world, I like talking to people and getting to know them. I'm in my last year of high school, I like theatre and acting, reading, playing piano (badly), I love dogs, horror movies, other kind of movies, and I'm very curious and I love learning about new subjects. I listen to a lot of different kinds of music, but I mostly listen to rock music and stuff like that. 
I am looking for any really, I guess I'd like someone around my age, but if you're younger or older it could still be fun to talk. Maybe someone who has some of the same interests, ultimately I want to make friends that can tell me about their lives and cultures and maybe help me improve my English, but if you're reading this right now you should probably just message me, and we can talk more! 
I can read English and French, Spanish if you use the vocabulary of a 6-year-old and only the present tense
24/03/18 - Je m'appelle Céline Fritayre et j'ai 37 ans. Je cherche des correspondances féminines uniquement âgées de 18 a 40 ans de France Belgique Suisse Pologne Angleterre Canada et autres parlant français, uniquement par voies postales. Envoyez moi votre mail sur ma messagerie venez nombreuses 
06/03/18 - Henry O’Keeffe - 26 Avenue Albert Raimond - 42270 Saint Priest en Jarez - France
I’m a man and I was born December 1, 1975. I am an Irish guy living in France. I’m teaching English here and live here with my wife and three boys. I’m a talkative, friendly open person. I love writing letters and making them decorative and nice. I have lived in Ireland, France and Spain but there are so many places I want to visit. I’m into running, football, PlayStation and cooking. 
I’m looking for pen pals from all over but especially Europe as it’s quicker with postage. 20-45 in age. Someone who is talkative and sporty would be great. Male or female is fine although I do tend to have more female pen pals.
I can read / write: English, French and Spanish.

16/01/18 - Malory Mathiasin - 290, Rue Esculape, Résidence Don Quichotte, Bat. D, N°135, Etage 1 - 34090 Montpellier - France
I’m a woman and I was born May 22, 1995. I’m a funny and open-minded girl, I would like to discover other country, other lifestyle. And make me new friends.
I’m looking for a very sympathetic people, open minded, funny, a good friend.
I can read / write: 
French, English, Spanish.
28/12/17 - Je m'appelle Pierre Armani et j'ai 49 ans. Je suis ici parmi vous dans le but d'avoir des amies sérieux dans le monde entier. Voici mon mail.
27/12/17 - Je m'appelle Thierry PPL et j'ai 39 ans. Je suis la caricature de la réussite sociale : une femme, des enfants, un boulot sympa, une maison. Il ne me manque plus que le chien et le tableau est parfait... et pourtant je trouve les journées tristes car prévisibles et sans originalités: métro, boulot, dodo... et la passion dans tout çà? Je cherche des discussions sympas avec des femmes se reconnaissant dans cette description.
26/12/17 - Je m'appelle Pierre Armani et j'ai 49 ans. Je suis ici parmi vous dans le but d'avoir des correspondants sérieux dans le monde. Voici mon mail.

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