20/03/19 - Selina TAYLOR
Iím a 35 years old woman. I enjoy reading, gardening, walking in the countryside, genealogy, listening to music (and attempting to sing along!), geocaching and spending time with my dog. Iím a huge animal lover and would own a zoo if I could afford it! Iím a self-confessed nerd and Iím especially interested in space and severe weather and learning as much as I can about them. I also love to travel, and Iím really interested in learning about other countries and cultures - I would love to make friends with pen pals from all over the world!
Iím looking for pen pals from all over the world aged 35 and over to write handwritten letters to.

20/03/19 - My names Faye, Iím 20 years old from good olí rainy England! Iím looking to talk to anyone between the ages of 20/25 from anywhere! Iím currently in my last year at university and graduate in nearly 100 days!! How scary I actually have to start adulting properly soon. I love to read, I love poems and the beach! I never shut up and I hardly sleep so I make a great friend haha!

19/03/19 - My name is Jodie and im 25 from the UK. I really would like a penpal who would love snailmail as i love to send letters and recieve them too. I would like to send a few emails first to get to know you but then i will be happy with snailmail. Can i just add i wont reply to people who are rude or want money as i personally wont reply. I am looking for a penpal who is from the US, Australia or Germany, but if you are anywhere else in the world thats fine too. I like to learn about different places and cultures. Anyway my hobbies would include i love to read i love the harry potter books. I am currently on the first book of the house of night its great so far. My favourite films con air i love action films.

15/03/19 - Pamela Hanlon, 54, female. Looking for friends aged 45 - 65 from across the world, I can be extremely chatty when the mood takes me, so why not get in touch to find out

14/03/19 - I'm CAJ, I am single, and I have never been married. I am a shy, quiet, easy going, introvert; yet I am a very open minded, Black British male. I seek female penfriends of any race from anywhere around the world. If you are black or mixed race, that'd fine, also. I do not smoke, drink, or gamble, and I do not eat junk food. I am tall and slim and like to dress neatly. I accept people for who they are, be they broad or thin, and eat or drink whatsoever they're happy with. I NEVER judge anyone. I tend to gravitate towards gentler, shy, introverts like me. However, I promise to correspond with everyone who send me a sensible introductory email. I can communicate on many topics, although I do not claim to be an expert on any.
P.S: I am NOT seeking a wife. Also, PLEASE, no more African barristers wanting me to take care of their late clients' unclaimed millions, or African widows wanting me to take care of their late husband's millions because your in-laws are giving you grief. I also do not need a brief note from you telling me how to get in touch with you. Instead, if you want to be my penfriend, please tell me why; and where in the world you live. Please also do not address me as "My Dear" or advise me to address to your circumstances "urgently". I am not a bank; therefore, scammers be aware, and be away with yourselves.

13/03/19 - My name is Frankie, and I'm looking for penpals to discuss...well...basically anything (within reason). My interests include, but are not limited to: Film, Television (especially Doctor Who), reading, and so on and so forth. If you share similar interests, then feel free to send me an E-Mail. Please note that I only speak English. Time wasters need not apply.

10/03/19 - Nuno Miguel Ferreira Moniz, 37, male. I am looking for friends from all over the world, and I believe that, having friends from other countries can provide a better understanding of the world we are living upon. Just imagine how the world would be if friends connected with each other, who would be sharing ideas, learning about cultures and even languages? That would be a great way to make us feel fullfilled. I am originally from Portugal, however, I have been in the United Kingdom since 2000, so, I have been here nearly 19 years. So, if you would like to have a Portuguese friend, or even learn a new language, just send me a message, and I will reply back.

04/03/19 - Hi there, I'm Surrey, I am looking for pen pals from the UK and Europe, Canada and the USA. I would say I am an easy person to get on with. I like meeting new people sorts, travelling. And lots more. I don't mind having email mates or snail mail mates. I best tell you if you are a spammer/Scammer I will report you but if you are not a spammer or scammer please email me. I promise a fast reply.

03/03/19 - I'm Trevor, looking to chat with females of any age. Im very open minded and your sexuality is not an issue. Curious submissive females very welcome to chat and ask questions.

20/02/19 - I'm Steve, a lonely guy here looking for genuine friendship. I'm in my late 40s. Would prefer female pen pals. Wanting long time friendship and would love to find someone local for occasional meetup for coffee or day out. i have whatsapp but don't have fb on any other social media ap. Please note I'm not looking for a relationship I've had to much heartache in them to try again.

07/02/19 - Katrina Robertson - 2 Hammond Court, Shepherds Lane - Bracknell RG42 2BJ - United Kingdom
Iím a 32 years old woman. I am a single lady. I am genuine, open minded, non-judgmental and pretty bubbly. Originally from Scotland but have resided in England for 12 years now. I currently work in retail, volunteer as a counsellor and studying a degree in psychology. I recently started learning to play the guitar and have a slight addiction to tattoos and piercings (I have around 20 of each). I cannot live without music (rock, emo, punk).
I donít have a specific type of pen pal in mind. I would love to hear from anyone from any race, religion, background or culture.

03/02/19 - My name is Rob, I am single, never married and 49 years old. I live in West Yorkshire, England, I have 2 adult daughters and am hoping to find that special lady. There is no point hiding... I will find you eventually. Send an email with a picture and let my search end with you.

02/02/19 - Alyssa Harcourt
Iím a 17 years old girl. Iím interested in science, particularly chemistry and biology, and Iím interested in graphic design. I really love plants, especially cacti and I enjoy drawing a lot and playing video games from time to time. I also like sports, including hockey and badminton. Iím currently in college and Iíd love to have a pen pal to talk to in my free time
I am looking for anyone that is easy to talk to about anything and friendly.
01/02/19 - Jamie Brock - 3L 3A Pitfour St - Dundee DD2 2NT - United Kingdom
Iím a 23 years old woman. I love reading. I like to read books about all sorts of things, both fiction and non-fiction. I'm also doing a challenge to read a book from every country in the world.
I love to cook, especially for other people. And I enjoy playing Dungeons and Dragons, although I'm not in a game currently. I'm a huge Harry Potter fan (Hufflepuff). I listen to the podcasts: The Adventure Zone (D&D), Join the Party (D&D), Reading Glasses (life as a reader), Spirits (mythology), and Schmanners (etiquette). I'm also in the process of getting back into journaling, fiction writing, drawing, and coloring, but one step at a time.
I'm looking for a pen pal aged 19 or over. UK preferred, because the stamps are cheaper. Snail mail only.

30/01/19 - I'm Mathew. I'm looking to find a penpal preferably female since I have no female friends to speak of compared to male friends. any age or place in the world I am fine with, email or snailmail. Who am I to put a limit on making a friend. I'm from the UK and I'm a student doing a degree in aeronautical and mechanical engineering. though I don't have many hobbies due to a series of bad health am now finally on the road to health and recovery. I'm wanting to make a friend or friends so if you have any questions I'm an open book otherwise I await your friendship.

25/01/19 Ė I'm Steph, a brtitish girl, looking for new penpals I don't mind age or where your from. I'd like to email and write letters also swap postcards and stamps

22/01/19 - Hello! My name's Alan. I'm 54, single and live in Wales, UK. I'm happy enough being single and I'm just looking for online penpals. My interests are varied, but I'm particularly interested in landscape photography, historical buildings, computers and current affairs. I'm willing to chat about most topics but I don't wish to discuss religion. I'd like to exchange emails (not daily) with sincere men and women from all walks of life, worldwide (including the UK).

21/01/19 Ė SYLVIE: I am looking for new friends (from France) men and woman around 50/60 age group for e mails and snail mail. My interests are yoga, meditation, crafts, books, languages. I speak french english greek italian. Please send me a e mail if you are interested in corresponding in french or english

19/01/19 Ė I'm ANDREW, a 42 years old man, Looking for female penpals aged 20 to 40 for friendship and language exchange

14/12/18 - My name is Nuno Miguel, Portuguese, 37, living in the United Kingdom. I am an individual who loves learning about the world and someone that enjoys traveling and seeing the world as it really is. when I travel, I always tend to stay within the vicinity as that is the best way to understand the cultural imprint of a particular culture than, being in a resort where you learn nothing at all. I have always enjoyed traveling, meeting new people. That is also one of the main reasons why I decided to post an advert here. I seek honest people that are truthful to themselves, individuals that are respectful and genuine, you know. We all need friends and being in solitude isn't everyone's cup of tea, we all need a friend whom we can trust, whom we can open up and talk about the things that affect us, and that is why, i am a person who has always been respectful and I always welcomed everyone., it does notmatter where you come from, what you do, the color of your skin etc, what is important is, that we are caring, genuine, and loyal with the things we do in life. When i am off from work,I enjoy reading Books on Portuguese Literature, History, listen to the latest trends in music, I just like world music, learning languages, anything that can keep my brain in motion. So, if you want a friend from Portugal, living in the United Kingdom, just send me a reply and I will reply.

29/11/18 Ė Kojo Elvis - 33 Alcombe Road - Northampton NN1 3LE - England -  United Kingdom
I live in England, a man with courage and a good heart. Can provide you with the best moments of your life without expecting anything in return. I love to help people in need and fill their life with happiness. I would give more preference to nature, mannerisms, kindness and confidence in a woman rather than external beauty and money.My work is my passion and hard work and consistency is what I believe in. I am optimistic, yet sensible and understanding. My goals in life are realistic and I hope to achieve them on my own
Looking for a matured,open minded, well travelled, cultured, professional, and living ALONE LADY who can understand me well and respect me.
Cooking at home, not eating out,Travel, surprises, music, sports, books, last minute plans, craziness, spontaneity, going out (but also staying in), sharing, simplicity, respect, flip flops (yes, the sandals), down to earth (however fantasy is also very important), people, casual, word, news, work, sense of humour about yourself, awareness are important.

21/11/18 - Nathanial F
Iím a 21 years old man. I hate my name. People never spell it right or pronounce it right. That is one of my biggest bug bears.
My hobbies are autograph collecting, I love to collect autographs, I have many. Including David Tennant, Ronnie OíSullivan and many more lol. I have a Facebook page with them on. I also collect stamps. I love Doctor Who. I also collect stamps.
The reason I looked for a pen pal was because I was recently diagnosed with depression again. My doctor recommended getting a pen pal to talk to. Before this gets any more disastrous Iím going to stop. Hope to hear from you soon. I can do snail mail, please email me about this.
I am looking for: someone under 27 from Europe, Australia, United States of America, Canada or New Zealand, or anywhere!! Feel free to contact me!!
Not looking for love or to give money
, only looking for a lasting friendship not for only two emails/letters/
I can read and write: English, French, and German. Looking to improve on my French and my German if anyone can help me? Also looking to learn Russian
10/11/18 - Teresa Kell - 91 Devonport Place - Blyth NE24 5AE - United Kingdom
Iím a 63 years old woman. I am married and looking for good friends.
Female pen pals age 60-65, from England, Greece, America, New Zealand, Australia and Canada

07/11/18 - Thandie Hendrix, 32 years old woman. Would like to have email exchange with other gay or bi females or men interested in or fascinated by lesbian love. Black or Asian women especially welcome.

27/10/18 - Ailee - 9 Viking Way - Ledbury HR8 2DU - United Kingdom
Iím a 22 years old woman. Iíve been pen palling for about two years but have recently got into snail mail.
My Hobbies are: Dancing, cooking and baking, Arts and crafts mostly DIY items, Gaming, K-pop and Asian Dramas.
I am looking for someone who is 20-28 who likes similar hobbies. Iím also looking to improve my Korean and Japanese
07/10/18 - Hannah Murphy - 44 Whitworth Road - Gosport PO12 3NN - United Kingdom
Iím a 25 years old woman. Iím looking to find a new and unique hobby, I want to learn about different cultures and learn new things and get to know new people.
I'm looking for someone with similar interests, who is interested in making a lifelong friend...
Preferably between the ages of 20 and 35
03/10/18 - Sarah Longbottom - Baytree Cottage, The Lanes - Tetney DN36 5LX - United Kingdom
Iím a 60 years old woman. Married lady looking for snail pen friends. I love reading and always have a book on the go, I also enjoy listening to music, going to the theatre, watching movies and am a big Colin Firth and Tom Hanks fan. Other interests are cooking, gardening, crosswords and watching football, tennis and snooker.
I am looking for: Ladies only please from anywhere from aged 30Ė65. Look forward to hearing from anyone who is interested.
29/09/18 - Claire Mills - 2 Cairnhill Place - New Cumnock KA18 4JL - United Kingdom
Iím a 36 years old woman, kind lady and friendly and very kind looking for genuine pen pals enjoy music shopping and writing stories am married and have been nine years
I'm looking for genuine and friendly
20/09/18 - Rachel Green - 70 Oaklands Avenue, Wolstanton - Newcastle under Lyme ST5 0DS - United Kingdom
Iím a 37 years old woman. I am a special needs teacher with a husband and one daughter. I am interested in world affairs and a massive fan of Disney! I enjoy exchanging letters.
I am looking for anyone who shares my interests
01/09/18 - MEL A
Iím a 29 years old woman. I am looking for British and European pen pals. Female only. I am looking for long letters, and/or creative letters. I like books, writing and art. I love cats. I'm a vegetarian. I enjoy exchanging FBs, decos and similar. I live in Wales, in the UK.
10/08/18 - Lucy H
Iím a 15 years old girl. I love reading and writing, all animals (especially dogs and turtles), planning and stationary and kind people. I am believer in Christ but am open to anyone with any beliefs being my friend! I love music, mainly mainstream and love Jane the Virgin as well as the usual Coronation Street!
I am looking for female between 13-25 to exchange snail mail.
21/06/18 - Martha - 8 The Sidings - Clutton BS39 5EF - United Kingdom
Iím a 12 years old girl. I want a pen pal
I am looking for abroad writing letter through post
I can read English and some French
17/06/18 - Sarah Longbottom - Baytree Cottage, The Lanes - Tetney DN35 5LX -United Kingdom
Iím a 60 years old woman. I enjoy reading, going to the theatre, listening to music, movies, gardening, cooking, walking our two little doggies.
I would love to hear from ladies any age and from anywhere, so get writing, and letís become good pals through letters.
13/06/18 - Motoko Otomo - 53 St. Johnís Villas Flat 3 - London N19 3EE - United Kingdom
Iím a 22 years old woman. Iím a university student looking for a pen pal the old-fashioned way. Anything from daily life, your hobbies etc. Iím a good listener :) And love learning about the different lives across the world.
I am looking for a friend
01/06/18 - Milly Lozinski
Iím a woman and I was born January 22, 1999. I live in North East England and I have partook in snail mail in various forms for several years now. I love bullet journaling and stationary generally, so I enjoy putting the work into making mail pretty. Right now, thereís a lull in my pen palling world as all my current pen pals are busy or havenít replied and weíve lost touch, so Iím looking for someone new I love to travel and be active/outdoors when I can be. Iím super interested in trying anything new, especially foods, as Iím quite a foody!! Iím politically active and believe very strongly in what I do, however I love learning about other points of view and how other cultures interact with each other. Pen palling helps enhance this, which I appreciate greatly. Iím happy to talk about almost anything and write pretty long letters.
I am looking for someone to be a good friend who I can share my life with and get to know!
I can read and write English and some Italian.
10/05/18 - Teresa Kell - 91 Devnworth Place - Blyth NE24 5AE - United Kingdom
Iím a woman and I was born November 12, 1955. I am married grandmother am a carer. I like reading knitting pets I have five dogs and five cats I live on the coast.
I am looking for age between 60 to 65 female similar interest. Can speak and write English.
20/04/18 - Lisa Hiatt - 9 St Maryís Court, Upper Abbey Street - Nuneaton CV11 5DP - United Kingdom
Iím a woman and I was born May 18, 1975. Iím a genuine fun-loving person who loves meeting new friends
I love looking after animals, Cinema, Restaurants, Theatre, Pubs, Walks with my dog, Days out.
I am looking for: Genuine friends, Loves animals, Enjoys letter writing, Similar interests
17/04/18 - Claire Mills - 2 Windsor Terrace - Stranraer DG9 7DS - United Kingdom
Iím a woman and I was born May 27, 1982. Iím Claire looking to make new friends I can write to as I donít work and donít have many close friends but would like some Iím married and only want friends I enjoy clubs pubs music cooking writing singing swimming art and craft Iím a honest friendly lady that people just donít stay friends with me and they donít keep in touch so decided to try this again
I am looking for: friendly honest a laugh someone to talk to by letters
16/04/18 - Roisin Lynch
Iím a woman and I was born September 11, 1993. Iím from England. Iíve always loved writing and receiving letters (other than bills!) and love the idea of coming home to a letter on the floor with a stamp from some exotic place that Iíve barely heard of, and reading about someoneís adventures or just their daily life. If you canít tell by now, Iím more interested in snail mail than email - but both will work!
My interests include animals (I have two dogs and two cats), going for nice long walks, bullet journaling and learning! Iím currently studying for a degree in Physics and Astronomy on a part time basis which Iím really enjoying. Music-wise Iíll listen to anything but prefer the modern charts. As for books and movies, I mainly like fantasy and adventure like Lord of the Rings but do enjoy a period classic from time to time like Pride and Prejudice. I love anything old fashioned (hence letter writing!!) like from the Victorian era, how they lived, their manners and traditions, fashion etc. It all fascinates me, and Iíll learn as much as I possibly can about it!
Iím not interested in relationships, just good, long-lasting friendships.
I am looking for someone with similar interests and a similar age who is looking forward to reading/writing nice long letters. Also hoping to find someone who is willing to exchange letters and maybe small packages with local trinkets or treats.