02/12/17 - Charlotte
Iím a woman and I was born December 31, 1977. I live in England. I love music and writing, cooking and learning about the world and people in it. Iím looking for non-European female pen pals, from the likes of Japan NZ Australia USA ...... and obscure non-European countries. All letters guaranteed a reply.
27/11/17 - Alice Ingram - 98 Heyscroft Road - Manchester M20 4QN - United Kingdom
Iím a woman and I was born June 5, 1996. I am currently in my final year at university, studying French and German. Last year, I lived in Germany for six months, teaching English in a Gymnasium (children aged from 11 to 18 years old). I loved being in Germany at Christmas time with the Christmas markets Ė they were so magical, especially in Heidelberg, my favorite German town. I then spent four months in the beautiful French Alps working as a hotel receptionist. I love travelling, meeting new people, and especially trying new food! My favorite food is curry so in the summer, I spent two months travelling in India. I really like to cook, so I am trying to recreate these delicious Indian curries from scratch at home! I enjoy being in the outdoors e.g. hiking and running. When I lived in the French Alps I went for a hike almost every day! For my birthday weekend this year, I went hiking in the Jura mountains in Switzerland and was very excited when I saw a chamois! I enjoy listening to lots of genres of music; I love seeing artists live and I like to go to lots of gigs, more recently a jazz gig Ė Josť James; London Grammar; Lorde and Bon Iver.
I am looking for a friend with whom I can practice my German / French written language skills and learn more about their culture. I would prefer to email.
I can read English, French, German

20/11/17 - Laura Durrant - 49 Keswick St - Hartlepool TS26 9AY - United Kingdom
Iím a woman and I was born September 4, 1996. I love Disney, reading and singing also love travelling.
I am looking for one that will send pictures of their country, so I can make a scrapbook of what itís like to have a pen pal

29/10/17 - Claire Mills - 2 Windsor Terrace - Stranraer DG9 7DS - United Kingdom
Iím a woman and I was born March 21, 1982. Iím Claire a very kind-hearted lady am married and live in Scotland area in a lady that love music, cooking, reading, writing. shopping too, looking for genuine pen pal
I am looking for woman pen pal to become great friends and to stay in touch with
10/10/17 - Nicole Hallsworth - 1 Eliot Close - Stirchley TF3 1FG - United Kingdom
Iím a woman and I was born September 25, 1976. Married mum of two children, who enjoys doing craft work. I am also currently studying to be a psychotherapist... I still have 2-3 years of the course to go before I am qualified. Please do not let my vocation in life scare you off
I am looking for someone to chat too, when Iím not studying ... but whilst looking after my youngest.... baby talk can make me go a little chatty! 
01/09/17 - Lily Byrne - 117 Bridgemeadows - Enniscorthy Y21 W8D8 - United Kingdom
Iím a woman and I was born July 8, 2004. I like to play soccer and video games I like going down town and spending time with my friends
I am looking for
nice friendly English speaking companion to speak to about our interests likes and dislikes
I can read / write English and Irish.

21/08/17 - Ruth Wills
Iím a woman and I was born September 25, 1985. Iím Ruth from Wales, UK. Iíve been happily married for seven years with no children by choice. Iím looking for pen pals by email or snail mail who are interested in discussing the deep questions of life and existence etc. Iím interested in religions, religious. I have multiple health issues including Fibromyalgia, CFS, and PCOS. I send cheer and sympathy cards/letters from time to time and am happy to connect with others with chronic health issues. I love wildlife, being out in nature, art (especially mixed media, Art Journaling, mail art) Iím also a Christian Bible teacher and give free Bible lessons, Bibles and Bible literature by snail mail or email, but I will never send out unsolicited Bible literature. Iím not much for just random chat, but looking for pals who need help/cheer/ someone to talk to, those who want to know more about the Bible, like to discuss deeper questions of life, have questions about life/existence they want answered or who need info on health issues etc. Iím looking for Snail Mail pals from the U.K. only, but Iím happy to email people from the US, Canada and Australia. Iíll write to people of any race or religious background (or the lack of one!) Iím not looking for only Christian pals, Iím happy to write to people of other faiths or none at all. If you think youíd like to be pals please send me an email.
I am looking for Female of any age, faith or no faith from the UK, but Iím willing to email people in Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand. Iím not much for just random chat, but enjoy discussing the deeper questions of life, existence and spirituality with others.
18/08/17 - Roisin B
Iím a woman and I was born September 11, 1993. Iím from England. Iíve always loved writing and receiving letters (other than bills!) and love the idea of coming home to a letter on the floor with a stamp from some exotic place that Iíve barely heard of, and reading about someoneís adventures or just their daily life. If you canít tell by now, Iím more interested in snail mail than email - but both will work! My interests include reading, going to the movies, playing with my kittens (Hugo and Jax) and going for nice long walks. Music-wise Iíll listen to anything, but prefer the modern charts. As for books and movies, I mainly like fantasy and adventure like Lord of the Rings but do enjoy a period classic from time to time like Pride and Prejudice. I love anything old fashioned (hence letter writing!) like from the Victorian era, how they lived, their manners and traditions, fashion etc. It all fascinates me and Iíll learn as much as I possibly can about it! Iím not interested in relationships, just good, long-lasting friendships. Get in touch.
I am looking for someone with similar interests and a similar age. Also hoping to find someone who is willing to exchange letters and maybe small packages with local trinkets or treats
09/08/17 - Louis Baxter - 23 The Warren, Manor Park - London E12 5HY - United Kingdom
Iím a man and I was born October 20, 1999. Iím a student in East London. I like sports, politics and History. Iím studying English Literature, Spanish, History and Religious Studies. 
I am looking for someone who is happy to talk and/or write letters
I can read / write English and Spanish.
30/07/17 - Debby Kirkham - 105 Hobletts Road - Hempstead HP2 5LP - United Kingdom
Iím a woman and I was born June 19, 1981. Three kids, like writing and music and crafts
I am looking for male 25 to 40
14/07/17 - Stephanie Wong - Selwyn College, Grange Road - Cambridge CB3 9DQ - United Kingdom
Iím a woman and I was born October 3, 1997. I am extremely talkative both in person and in writing (as you shall see), but I love writing letters the most. I decided to get a pen pal when I realized I have so many letter sets that I donít even have enough friends to write to. Iím currently in the high-school-university transition period and Iím hoping to read modern languages (if I get the grades). Iím currently living in the UK so I will change that to a UK address soon. I might look normal and geeky but Iím on the one hand pie-baking-grandma-like, and on the other hand completely mad. I also have a strange habit of writing in Chinese even when the recipient does not understand, because in that way I express myself better (donít judge too harshly) Anyway I know this might not work out but I thought I should give it a try. Donít freak out if I start writing to you!
I am looking for anyone to be honest, since this is not a dating site. Anyone much older will probably find me too childish to sustain a conversation, but I donít mind myself. Iím the kind who will receive and reply if someone sends me a letter with only a random poem. Or simply write me in your mother tongue, I will try to figure that out (google translate may or may not help?)
I can read English, Chinese, Spanish (thatíd be great for practicing but I donít want to make this an educational site!), Japanese (half-guessing but I know the kanji well enough)
11/07/17 - Jenny Husband - Unit 21A, Harvard Court, Perth Aerodrome, Scone - Perth PH2 6PL - United Kingdom
Iím a woman and I was born June 30, 1979. I live in Scotland, would love to get a pen pal from USA, I am not so bothered about the age range, would love an opportunity to hear from different people. I love to do crafts in my spare time and I have a little male cat called Bron. I like to go on walks and explore new areas. Am currently on a diet (I have been on one since 15!) and want to get in much better shape. Things are quiet where I live and a bit of excitement or a story from somewhere else would be great
I am looking for anyone
06/07/17 - ADAM
Iím a man and I was born August 11, 1983. Looking to chat to women of any age while I am away on deployment. A bored sailor who requires mental stimulation. I love music, football, women (all shapes and sizes and ages), I adore nature
I am looking for woman
18/06/17 - Emily Breeds
Iím a woman and I was born January 10, 1999. I love to read and write about anything and hope to become a writer in the future. At the moment, my interests are musical theatre, especially Les Mis and Hamilton, Green Day, YouTube, drawing, watching Netflix and baking. I also love the beach but sadly donít live near one! Iím interested in learning about different cultures as Iíve lived in a small village all my life. Iíd like to be emailed before I give out my address!
I am looking for any gender or country, someone who is my age give or take three years. Anyone who is willing to talk to me, really. Preferably someone to send snail mail too but emailing is alright too.
I can read / write English and German.

16/06/17 - Paige Dymott
Iím a woman and I was born August 12, 2001. I like to read and go out with friends. I love to watch series and have many lazy days. However, I like to go out and do random things a lot. I'm in my last year of this school then I am going to go to college. Please email me if you are interested in snail mailing.
I am looking for someone about 14-16 who speaks English or could teach me their language.
I can read: English, Spanish and a little French.
17/05/17 - Danielle Shaky - 234 Oxford Grove - Bolton BL1 4JH - United Kingdom
Iím a woman and I was born July 11, 1993. Hmm well firstly Iíll introduce myself, my name Danielle or Dannii Iíll answer to either, not to forget Iím from sunny old England * note the sarcasm *. Iím sarcastic but not in a bad way depends on the person and how they take me so to say I tend to be outspoken say things how I see them can be a little reserved until I get to know the person but Iím far from shy lol. very curious kind of girl love learning and sharing stories, experiences good or bad and Iím the least judgmental person you will ever come across. Will do anything for those who matter to me, love nothing more than helping people and just doing good *voluntary work mostly *. I Take each day as it comes because tomorrow is never promised. So em yeah, Iím going on now donít really know what else to say. Ask me anything Iím like an open book honest as they come. So, if you would like a pen pal from England send me a message if not thank you for reading.
I am looking for someone as curious, talkative and as open as me and can just be themselves
I can read/write German and English.

16/05/17 - Bryony Taylor - 23 Melverly Drive - Chester CH1 5AH - United Kingdom
Iím a woman and I was born April 9, 1996. I am myself, whoever that is. I am a Hufflepuff with a poorly hidden obsession with all things fluffy, Fantastical and perhaps a little bit dorky. I like D and D, high fantasy (to read and watch) fun facts and puns. I like to think of myself as a fair balance between down to earth and playful. I also enjoy to bake and create whenever I get the chance to.
I am looking for an international friend from Japan, America, continental Europe or Scandinavia, with whom I can share in witty banter, observations about the world we live in, and general conversations about our lives and interests, whether we share in any or not. Iíd like to be in contact by Snail mail as it is a chance to separate from the instantaneous ness of modern life and give something to look forward to.
Languages: Unfortunately, I can only read and write in English English but Iíd happily try and learn about the language of my pen pal over time.

14/05/17 - Amy C - 50 Downham Road - Chatburn BB7 4AU - United Kingdom
Iím a woman and I was born June 23, 2003. I love sports, drama and art. I have a younger sister and a pet dog and cat.
I am looking for someone who will keep in touch, share the same interests as me, have a funny personality so we can write lots to each other!
I can read: English and German. Iíd like to write in: English
12/05/17 - Alicia Houseman - 2 Hudson Road, Padgate - Warrington WA2OGP - United Kingdom
Iím a woman and I was born August 28, 2006. I like makeup and gaming
I am looking for snail mail who I can talk to at the least once a week
09/05/17 - Abbey C - 25A St Stephens Gardens - London W2 5QU - United Kingdom
Iím a woman and I was born November 9, 1966. Iím looking for a pen pal who I can write letters to and talk about life.
I am looking for someone who is aware of the world, open minded, likes animals and films
08/05/17 - Bonjour ŗ toutes et ŗ tous, je suis un homme ‚gť de 60 ans habitant ŗ Londres et je cherche des correspondants (es) qui peuvent ťcrire en FranÁais et qui souhaiteraient ťchanger des lettres par voie postale. Rťponse assurťe ŗ 100%. Mohammed