13/02/18 - Wendy Klutse - PO Box 43 - Kpando Aziave - Ghana
Iím a woman and I was born January 5, 2000. Am a black beautiful slim girl in the senior high school (high school), am from Ghana. I Will complete senior high in 2018 in that same year I will be 18. I like reading and also like exercising my body. I like animals.
I am looking for serious friends from UK, USA, Canada, and Japan. Age does not matter.

I also want a God-fearing, gentle, honest, faithful, kind, serious male around my age to start with. I believe distance relationship works, so I will be expecting to read from you soon. I want only snail mail because I donít have email.
07/02/18 - Benson Obeng Boateng - PO Box CG 66 - Konongo - Ghana
Iím a man and I was born April 10, 1984.
I am looking for snail mail pen pals around the world. Both males and females
27/12/17 - Johanna Awuah Raxtus - Box 177 - Nkawie-Toase - Ghana
Iím a woman and I was born December 18, 2004. I am in primary six. I do crocheting at my free time. I like cooking and playing with my brother.
I am looking for anybody any age.

05/12/17 - Afidemenyo Bright - P. O. Box 43 - Kpando Aziave Volta Region - Ghana
Iím a man and I was born September 28, 1987. I am 5ft 7inch (1.70 m) slim tall, chocolate colored young boy from Ghana. I live in my native town of Kpando, with a family of six. This consists of my dad, my mum (retired), and three sisters, of whom one is a self-employed businesswoman and the other two are teachers. I love football, running, swimming, watching movies and crafting, just like many other Ghanaians. I eat ďakpleĒ, ďfufuĒ and rice which are staple foods in my country. During my leisure hours, I visit the public library, I read and write long letters, and also feed my sheep and pet. I hope youíll enjoy every single moment of our friendship
I am looking for both serious relationship and friendship from U.S.A., Canada and UK. Thank you for reading, and hope to hear from you shortly.

30/11/17 - Marcos Awuah R. - Box 177 - Nkawie-Toase - Ghana
Iím a man and I was born December 17, 2001. I am a high school student. I like music and reading. I will love to learn about culture of people from different countries.
I am looking for any interested to share culture and everyday life can write.

24/11/17 - Adu Gyamfi Kwadwo - PO Box CG 66 - Konongo - Ghana
Iím a man and I was born September 24, 1983. I need snail mail pen pals around the world. Anyone can get in touch and am looking forward to hear from you. Both males and females can get in touch. You can get in touch from any part of the World.
I am looking for both males and females around the world.

16/11/17 - Joan Dumorga - PO Box 43 - Kpando Aziave - Volta Region - Ghana
Iím a woman and I was born April 20, 1982. I am a basic lady teacher from Ghana. I like reading and watching movie. Am interested in pen pal all over the world. Age and gender doesn't matter, I'll welcome everyone who comes my way.
I am looking for genuine pen pals, please I don't want to read any fraud message, it makes me sick anytime I read such messages. Find something better to do than to misuse your precious time writing me a fraud me.

12/10/17 - Solomon - Mpraeso Senior High School P.O. Box 19 Mpraeso - Nkwatia - Ghana
Iím a man and I was born March 31, 1998. I'm a high school student
I am looking for one who is a Christian, loving, caring and science oriented

03/10/17 - Augustine - PO Box DD 39 - Dodowa - Ghana
Iím a man and I was born April 24, 1999. Iím Augustine and a teenager from Ghana. Iím the last child of my parents and have five siblings.... I come from a responsible home where education is being taken seriously... I just completed my high school and waiting to continue in the university. I like to make new friends and spend a lot of time with friends and family... I really like swimming but unfortunately not a good swimmer though. I enjoy listening to music on cold weather days and like watching movies most at times. I really like to make new friends and socialize a lot but sometimes shy when Iím in the midst of many people. I like to know the cultures of other countries
I am looking for kind and loving pen pals

30/09/17 - Raxtus Mensah - PO Box 177 - Nkawie-Toase - Ghana
Iím a man and I was born October 20, 1974. I work with Ghana cocoa board as an extension officer. My work is to educate cocoa farmers on good agronomic practices that leads to higher productivity. I was a teacher of economics at high school for 16 years before changing to my current job. I love children. I am a single father of a boy who will be three years by 15th of October. I own him. I donít have a hobby. I do what makes me happy. I read, I listen to music, I do voluntary work, I drum, I walk and cook and love reading letters from people. I love rural life and do things that will help people elevate from poverty. I believe in God and prayer. I accept people of diverse faith. I love pleasant surprises and do surprise people pleasantly. You can share with me how you are raising your kids, your daily struggles, religion and anything you want to share. I will be happy to get a snail mail first before email. This could be a pleasant surprise too.
I am looking for mature (not by age) person who knows what she/he is carrying across. Long letter will gladden my heart

11/08/17 - Samuel Owusu - Asamang D/A Jhs Box 3 - Ashanti - Ghana
Iím a man and I was born January 2, 1986. A very social and honest person. Likes meeting and chatting with new friends. 
I am looking for both email and snail mail
I can read English and Twi
01/08/17 - Prince Sedzro - Asamang D/A Jhs Box 2 - Ashanti - Ghana
Iím a man and I was born March 29, 1968. I am a man who is caring, and I like advising who wants friends from all over the world
I am looking for snail mail and email
I can read: English and Twi
18/07/17 - Eric Ohene Gyan - PO Box KB 22 - Korle-Bu - Ghana
Iím a man and I was born August 15, 1995, very calm and gentle person who love to start penpaling from everywhere in the world... interested pals are welcome...
I am looking for male and female
26/05/17 - Esther - The Church of Pentecost Elubo New Site District PO Box EI 18 - Elubo - Ghana
Iím a woman and I was born February 10, 1994. I am open minded person, looking for friends, not romantic friends but friends that I can share life experience with.
I am looking for friendly and ready to be my friend between the ages of 18 - 40