13/02/19 - Devyani Menon
Iím a 21 years old woman. I am currently in my final year. I am an avid reader. I love travelling and discovering new places to eat. I would love to travel the world someday, but for now letters will do.
I would love to find a friend who loves to have conversations about anything and everything.

06/02/19 - I'm Ashish 22 years old and completing my college as well as job. I'd love to discuss risky subjects with you, the sort you can't talk about with your regular friends. I get very confused about girls and sex, and my friends only make silly jokes about the subject. So I'd like a penpal who is willing to write about any sex fun they've had or would like to have. I'd like to write openly without embarrassment about sexy things, porn, masturbation (now there's a forbidden subject even though we all do it!) All those subjects that can be embarrassing but because we aren't face to face they can be talked about more easily. Are you interested? I hope so. If you are then I'd love to hear from you. I'm no longer on Facebook etc so I'm only interested in email exchange as that's safer and less embarrassing.

05/02/19 - Yvonne COSTA
Iím a 45 years old woman.
I am looking for European friends, someone who is friendly

31/01/19 - I am Knight, an intelligent (thats what I think) and decent looking guy, avg built with few love handles. Even though I workout but it seems they are never going away. I mean the love handles. I am crazy about rules. I despise people who breaks rule especially all the traffic rules. I am not an OCD about it but I do not like it when someone does that. One of the best things with my emails is that I love changing fonts and colors. Love playing games infact have played it with almost all of myprevious penpals. Share things and listening. Talking about books we like in common or talk about Cricket and TV series. Though these platforms are very good for venting out, still sometime having a good time is also possible. Sometime I go off route also. I like to flirt online. Have somefun. Have some trashy talks and some sexy intimate chats. I am sure not many people like it, but occasionally such things are exciting and fun. If anyone shares similar interests do not hesitate to mail me.

20/01/19 Ė ARYAAN, a young man. I have been penpalling for the past 2 years now and I am looking for new friends here ! I absolutely love talking, it can be deep conversations for crazy meaningless conversation, i just love talking, trekking, cooking and writing. There is a certain charm to making new pen friends and that charm pulls me to it ! hope to make many new friends here !

18/01/19 Ė I'm Khushbu, a 19 years old girl. If anyone interested in swapping message on my email. Other silly people do not message. No fake stories. No favours. Only proper swap people. Collecting currency banknotes, fridge magnets, postcards, stamps

14/01/19 Ė Salut, je suis un jeune Africain, sportif et qui est vraiment passionnť. Je parler le francais, anglais et aussi j'ai l'envie de connaitre d'autres langues. Zola

10/01/19 - Anurag Sharma - 239 Bhagirath Bhawan, BITS Pilani Street #41 - Pilani 333031 - India
Iím a 21 years old man. Iím from a small town in northern India and currently Iím a final year biology student in the university. I absolutely love history and all things historical - youíll have to get used to getting random and probably boring (to you, not to me!) history trivia thrown at you every now and then. My other hobbies include playing/following sports, watching movies, walking and (compulsively) eating chocolate. Iím keen on subjects like 19th and 20th century literature - Dostoyevsky is my favorite author!, Marxism and animal rights, to name some. My worst habits include having too much tea through the day and sleeping in more often than I should (and missing the best part of my morning classes as a result). If/when we start writing, youíd probably find that Iím somewhat opinionated and long-winding, yet not the worst listener youíd ever come across.
Over the past few years, I have sort of run into a social plateau (for the lack of a better word) where I have practically stopped meeting new people and the old connections have long begun to feel rather tired out and dreary. Thatís probably just life, I know, but since Iíll shortly be moving on to a new place after my graduation in a few months, I think it a bit daunting to make that transition all on my own. To put it simply, Iím looking for a friend who would plan to stick around and is just as fond of talking as I am.
I can read and write: English and Hindi.
31/12/18 - Maria SOUZA
Iím a 43 years old woman. I am an Indian lady looking for European pen pals ages 40 to 52 based in Europe.
Looking for serious long-term relationships if you are sincere
30/12/18 - RANI
Iím a 36 years old woman. I am a woman married. I like friendship
I am looking for man or female

20/12/18 Ė Rosie, a 44 years old woman. I am looking for European friends, ages 40 years to 45 years old.

03/12/18 - Hello, I am Maria, a 43 years old lndian lady looking to meet someone based in Europe, ages 40 to 53

16/11/18 - Pradeep Kumar
Iím a 36 years old man, DSA, Passionate to people.
I am looking for: Ambitious people
I can read and write: English and Hindi.
02/11/18 - Kratika Sharma - 345, Eldeco Udyan 1, Sector 1, Gate Number 1, Jail Road - Lucknow 226012 - India
Iím a 26 years old woman.
I can read and write: English and Hindi.
16/10/18 - Niranjana - Nandanam house Peyad PO tvm - Peyad - India
Iím a 12 years old girl. I am a KV student studying in class 7th. I heard about this site from my friend and I hope I would enjoy this a lot. I like to make friends from all over the world and I loves some Hindi cartoons such as Doraemon, Pokťmon & shinchan
I am looking for a girl or a boy of my age
I can read and write: English and Hindi.
09/09/18 - Placid Fernandes - Sector IV, C-21, 303, 3rd floor, Vijaya CHS Ltd, .Shanti Nagar, Mira Road(E), Dist Thane - Mumbai 401107 - India
Iím a 55 years old man. I am simple, loving, soft spoken, kind (open minded)
I am looking for only friendship
I can read and write: English, Hindi, Marathi and Konkani.
20/08/18 - A.J. Javeed - PO Box 181 - Karnataka 573201 - India
Iím a 43 years old man, married. Fun loving person. My hobbies are Photography, writing and reading. I like travelling
14/05/18 - Anshu S - 134 Block Street - Bangalore - India
Iím a man and I was born February 2, 2000.
I am looking for friends... someone to talk to.
13/04/118 - Shakuntala
Iím a woman and I was born December 28, 1976.
I am looking for adults
05/04/18 - Heenu Baliyan - Street 5, House no. 55 - Muzaffarnagar 251001 - India
Iím a man and I was born May 31, 1996. I want to make friends from other countries
I am looking for not sure
I can read / write Hindi and English.
26/03/18 - Jose James - Mullonkal House - Chakompathal PO 686517 - India
Iím a man and I was born April 11, 1959.
I am looking for friends for email and snail mail and visit here
14/03/18 - Drkrishna - Vijayapuri - Guntur 522006 - India
Iím a man and I was born May 25, 1958.
I am looking for: friendship

I can read: English, Telugu and Hindi

13/03/19 - Ridhi Chowdhary
Iím a woman and I was born November 10, 1996. I love reading novels. I binge watch TV shows. I write fanfiction. Oh, and I love dogs.
The idea of a pen pal has fascinated me for long. It just seems so interesting and wonderful. I guess what I want is just someone to share thoughts and feelings with. I would love to hear about other peopleís adventures.