12/05/19 - August INAO, 41 years old man
I hope you are the one I’m looking for. I’m 5’8” (1.72 meters), 66 kg. (145 lbs.), fair skin, and workout daily. My profession is in banking and health related. I’m in a paradise island near Japan with resorts, diving spots, clear blue sea for activities full of fun like swimming, snorkeling, and others. I wish to have friendship and maybe long-term romance.
I’m looking for males only from North America and West Europe. He must accept me for who I am. We’ll e-mail first, then chat, video messages, and snail mail for that as we get along. Thank you for reading and it’s more than just being healthy that I wish for you and significant others.

15/04/19 - My name is Mina. Nice to meet you. I'm here to look for snail mail penfriends from all over the world. Hope we can be good friends! I'm 31 years old and married. My interests are music, movies, snail mail, languages, arts, fashion, writing, cooking, sports, nature... and more. I want to improve my English. If your first language is English, contact me please (Of course I know you are not my teacher, I don't ask you to be. I want friends!) I'm interested in Russian and French too. Please mail me if you are interested. Do not hesitate! Thanks for reading! Hope to hear from you! Mina - P.S. I'm a member of Happy Science. I'll be very happy if you are a member of it!

04/11/18 - Abi - PSC 76 Box 3601 - APO, AP 96319 - Japan
I’m a 18 years old girl. I’m an INFP, nationality is American, but I’ve grown up in Japan most of my life. My address is for my PO box in Japan.
I am looking for any age or gender is fine, I’m just looking for someone I can share/discuss abstract intuitive ideas, emotions, and learn what it’s like to see the world from their perspective.
I can read: English, Japanese
23/08/18 - Kiho Yamamoto
I’m a 23 years old woman.
My interests: movies, music
I want to communicate with people all over the world. First of all, we send an email and then I tell you my postal address.
I can read and write: English and Japanese.