13/05/19 - JARED, 49 years old man
Christian, pharm tech.
I am looking for female aged 30 to 75 years
31/03/19 - JACOB
Im a 41 years old man, About me: mid brown, tall reliable. Available
I am looking for: older than me men and women
11/03/19 - LYDIA
Im a 43 years old woman. About me: height 52(1.57 m); 159 lb (72 kg), loving, honest, caring, love traveling and making friends. 
I am looking for loving, responsible, honest and open-minded

02/03/19 - I'm Judith. Everybody whether young or old must have a friend. Am simple, honest and outgoing person, understanding, fun to be with or chat with. I would like to have penpals all over the world. A reliable and genuine friends. Age does not matter.

26/02/19 - I'm Motta. To the person that stops here and reads this, I am super excited to share a bit about myself. I am a poet, a writer and an artist. I write a lot of poetry to drain myself of all negative thoughts and write a lot of short stories to see how different characters fit into the events of my life, or the people that I know. I am a Mozart fanatic, listen to his music, I don't know there's a sense of peace that is derived from listening to his music. A lot of jazz, just the smoothness of the music full fills my day. I am usually quiet around people, always allow them to to talk so that I know who they are through their words then I can be able to talk to them... I used to do plays back in high school but I stopped,i still appreciate the art and go to lots of plays around here just to see creativity in motion. And not to sound too draining yes I do watch movies thing I love to do is draw in nature, that's one thing that gives me peace and happiness. I am so excited to meet new people, I want to meet people different from me to open my eyes to the beauty that lies outside in the world. It would be amazing.

15/02/19 - Sharon - PO Box 1227-00100 - Nairobi - Kenya
Im a 12 years old girl. I am good to those who are good, but my heart is easily broken
I am looking for a good friend
I can read & write English and Kiswahili.
06/02/19 - Joe E - PO Box 1473 - Naivasha - Kenya
Im a 21 years old man. Am open-minded person looking for the same and who is ready to share culture stories across the world regardless of anything. Be humble and Ill be to you
I can read English, Swahili

19/01/19 LYN - Hello there, I am looking for friends preferably male from all over the world to correspond via email. I personally have a busy schedule and it would really feel nice to have someone to write to. I am a believing Christian so I would prefer someone who share's my faith or anyone who is curious and would love to know more about Christ, if you are not serious please don't waste your time and mine too, otherwise I m looking forward to making new friends

25/06/18 - Joan Adams - 1966 - 20200 Nairobi - Kenya
Im a 23 years old woman. I love music
I am looking for a female music artist from America, Australia or Canada
I can read and write English and Kiswahili. 
24/06/18 - WALLACE
Im a man and I was born September 13, 2002.
I am looking for naughty pen pal

I can read/write English, Swahili and French