15/06/19 - My name is Caaleb and I am a 16 years old Singaporean currently studying in Malaysia. I go to Kingsley international school and I am studying business, sociology and travel. My interests include playing computer games and browsing the internet for videos that I find interesting. I would like to make some friends if I can, if you seem interested in me, don't hesitate to send an email and I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible. Hope we can be friends

30/05/19 - My name is Nur Aida but call me Aida. I'm 17 years old and still in high school. I'm Malaysian and hoping to meet a long term friends around the world or maybe a relationship in the future. I'm quite a chubby and short person. I'm looking penpals who is nice and love to know me slowly. I may or may not always active because of school but I will try my best

26/05/19 – I'm Nanthana, a girl turning 21 this March who likes talking to any Random people, I don't do nudes, I'm not searching for a boyfriend because I already have one… I just want friends who I can share my words and laughter with. I'm somewhat a funny and open person. Let's just say I can make joke of almost everything hahaha… I'm not that girly girl, I don't have a sense in fashion and just going around with a t shirt and a pair of jeans. I don't really care about what people would say but hey, you should be yourself unless you can be Batman hahaha. Enough of that so yeah, we could talk about anything, culture, random shits, experience …anything as long as I could relate to it. Gender? Pff… that doesn't matter. Nationality? That doesn't matter too. Age? Well preferably my age around 17 to 23 but if you're older you're welcomed too… Just DON'T TALK ABOUT WEIRD STUFF. So that's all about my randomness, now I would like hear from you. Uh oh and please introduce yourself first , it doesn't have to be an essay but it can just be some basic things that I need to know about you , like age gender and stuff XD oh yeah, and I don't mind long emails I'll just reply to all of them

23/05/19 - I'm Shila, 30 y/o Malay. I'm looking for friends around my age that don't have discrimination about gender or religion. I want to make a long term friends and I prefer email than snailmail. I enjoy meeting new friends and learn their languages and cultures. So, feel free to drop an email if you're looking for a new friend in Malaysia. 

17/04/19 - I'm Ami. It's my first time trying looking for penpals. I'm a modern muslim and a shy person but I would love to make friends from all over the world, we can share our stories thru mails. Please do not hesitate to greet me. I work as an editor in Kuala Lumpur. I got lonely sometimes because all of my friends got married and having kids. Currently I'm learning Korean to fill up my free time. I go travel at least twice a year. I enjoy listening to music and watch movie too. I do write poetry sometimes. I don't mind where are you from or what religion you're practising and I love to know about your culture. Even tho English is my second language and I'm not so good with it, I really wish that I could communicate with all of you.

14/04/19 - I'm Bernadette and I am 19. I'm an engineering student, studying at Johor. I'm originally from Sabah (North Borneo). I can speak Chinese, English, Malay, and other chinese dialects. So a bit about me: I consider myself as an open minded person. We can talk about almost everything. (Within reason) Though engineering student may sound boring or nerdy or geeky to some people but I am really not. I love dancing and painting. Im a Chinese - North Borneo native mix. And I am a girl. So... Preferably people from my age group.

24/11/18 - Shamil Luwin - A609, Park Avenue Condominium, Jalan PJU 10/1 - Damansara Damai - 47810 Petalang Jaya - Malaysia
I’m a 26 years old man. I just got hitched in 2017. A very simple guy loves to listen to music and I wish to travel the world.
Kind of pen pal I am looking for: A pen pal who can write on regular basis, willing to stay in touch via email and snail mail, making new friends from different country.
I can read: Malay, English and Indonesia
Interest: Playing Futsal, Scuba Diving, Travelling, Reading Articles and Watch YouTube Videos on Education, Science, Religions and Comedy
17/11/18 - Noor Syuhada - C-4-16, Hijauan Saujana, Persiaran Golf Saujana Resort - 40150 Seksyen U2, Shah Alam - Malaysia
I’m a 29 years old woman, from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I work as a flight attendant and I operate domestic flights. I enjoy being a minimalist, I love meditation and receiving smiles from my passengers would make my day. I would say that I am an introvert person, I’m not a social butterfly but I think sometimes in life, solitude matters and that is why I prefer not to hang out with my friends here. One of the benefits of being alone is that I can avoid gossiping which really waste my time. When I am on my own, I feel like I really am in the present moment. My best friend is my mom who is a single mother. She had suffered a lot in her past, but she is my inspiration in being a strong person. My favorite books are: Spark Joy by Mari Kondo, Who Will Cry When You Die by Robin Sharma and Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff by Richard Carlson.
I believe that you have a story to tell. Why not taking a piece of paper and a pen, write me something. Let’s share the joy and happiness on a piece of paper. I look forward to valuing every single word you write in your letter to me. Lotsa love from every molecule in my body.
I am looking for Friendships and Relationship
I can read and write: Malay and English.
05/11/18 - Jasmine Luwina - A609, Park Avenue Condominium, Jalan PJU 10/1 - Damansara Damai - 47810 Petaling Jaya - Malaysia
I’m a 26 years old woman. I love to make new friends and looking for a pen pal (email/snail mail) from any part of the world. During holidays, I love to go to the islands and scuba dive. I also love to read. My first language is Malay, and second is English.
I am looking for someone who love to learn about new culture, language, hobbies, and I hope through our mails, that person also will be able to help me to improve my English. Other than that, I will be able to teach my pen pal the Malay language.
I can read and write: Malay and English.