01/04/19 - L. Buurvrouw - Rappardstraat 72 - 6822 CZ Arnhem - Netherlands
I’m a 59 years old woman, married Indonesian woman. Grown up in the Netherlands. I like collecting butterflies and stamps. I have many interests ( the Bible) and hobbies. Will tell you all in my letter.
 am looking for honest long life snail mail 55-79 years. from all continent in this small world. No romance, sexual letters, just purity friendship.
I can read: Bahasa (sedikit sudah jupa), Dutch, English and German

27/02/19 - I am Monique, a 44 years old wonan, mum of two sons. I still embrace the old fashioned way in writing a letter, putbit in the letterbox, and being filled with joy to see a letter waiting for me ar my doormat. My hobbies include reading boojs, meeting friends for coffee or lunch, cooking, travelling, psygology, writing and going for a walk in the nature. Please for friendship only.

16/02/19 - PUCK
I’m a 20 years old woman. I graduated high school in the summer of 2017. I spend my first gap year living in Paris, studying French. I moved back home around June and then spend the summer traveling. I absolutely love traveling and try to do it as often as I can. Some of the places I’ve been in 2018 include Helsinki, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Paris, Lille and Los Angeles. For the past few months I’ve been working to save up money. At the end of February I’ll be flying to Melbourne, Australia. I’m planning on simultaneously working and traveling in Australia for about 6 months. In September I am hoping to start my BA in Journalism at university in London (so my address will be changing until sept. 2019). I love books, watching movies (romance or action - no horror), writing, taking photos, going out and art (I do draw but not as often as I’d like). I also deeply care for the environment and am a vegetarian. 
If interested, my address can be requested through email but please send me a short introduction first. 
I am looking for someone willing to send letters to each other about every 2 - 3 weeks, talking about anything & everything. eg.: literature, movies you’ve seen, travel, our dreams, the environment, the Law of Attraction, meditation, cultural differences etc., Bonus points if you like adding cards, stickers, doodles & other little things! Preferably someone my age. Don’t care about the gender. Not interested in people looking for money or correspondence of sexual nature.
I can read: English, Dutch, basic French
18/10/18 - Judith Miedema
I’m a 26 years old woman. I’m a manager of a thrift store, I play korfball, and I’m very interested in foreign languages and cultures. I’m very interested in gift exchange, and I have a small collection of postcards I’d like to grow and eventually cover an entire wall.
I am looking for preferably females of any age
I can read: English, Dutch, French
17/09/18 - SIETSE
I’m a 38 years old man. Book seller, soccer fan, heart attack survivor. My interests are mainly cultural. I listen to all kinds of music, movies of the fantasy and superhero genres. Not into binge watching. I’d prefer snail mail, but introductions by email first, please.
I am looking for Female of any age, any country
I can read: English, German, French, Italian, Dutch
11/06/18 - Marcel van Hees - Martin Cudellstraat 12 - 6374 ST Landgraaf - The Netherlands
I’m a 51 years old man. I am an older academic who likes collecting coins stamps and knickknacks, and enjoy movies in foreign languages, art, history, music, ceramics and anything about kings and queens.
I am looking for talk about all day events, politics, history, traditions.
I can read Dutch German English French Danish Swedish Italian