19/05/19 - Hi, I am Luna, an art student who spends most of the time indoors. I don't really like to describe myself so my introduction is sort of boring and skimpy. If you're interested in sending letters (real letters and/or postcards), please e-mail me. I'm fine if we stay e-mail friends though. I can speak English and Filipino well, and a bit of Spanish language. I am looking forward to your mails. Please write more than "I would like to be your friend" or something like that. It gets awkward. If you want something political, go for it. If you want something nerdy, go for it. I'm flexible on any topic, so why don't you give it a try? Let's talk about almost everything no matter how casual or weird it is.

12/05/19 - I'm Nina, 29 years old and have always wanted to have a penpal. I'm not here for online dating, just plain writing and making real friends and talk about how sucky or great life it is. I love trying new things and nature! I love music and art and DIY stuff as well. I like trying out new sports, I'm not very good at most, but oh well! I enjoy Futsal in particular. I'm always looking for new/old movies to watch! anyway as much as I'd love to snail mail, I've learned that email is more efficient. Plus the postal service here isn't very accessible. Oh yeah, please put in the name of your favorite dinosaur or movie as subject just so I know it's not a spam.

01/05/19 - I am Mia, a single lady from the Philippines. I teach kids at a government school nearby. It is my first time to write something here. I look for male penpals only, wherever in the planet you may come from. Not that i don't want female friends but I already have a lot of female pears locally. I earn for my own upkeep also so you need not worry I might just one of the online bums. Please just men with good sense of humor and wont be talking about perverted stuffs. Gentlemen only pls. I would love to have snail mail pals too. I would gladly make friends with fellows behind bars. Just be a good guy. And if you like to talk on IMs here's my CN +639557998088

30/04/19 - Rosafe Pulvera, 47, female. I'm just interesting thats why I'm joining here. I'm looking for a good partner in life, a person who loves me for the rest of my life. No playing games, all I want is a serious relationship. I hope you're the one that I'm looking for. My picture

22/04/19 - My name is Arselio Sajol, 38 years of age from Butuan City Philippines. I have 5'8" in height, athletic of body size. I love to do housekeeping, gardening, cooking, reading books, watching cinema and to eat healthy foods. I love animals, dogs, cats, birds dolphins all kinds of living things. I am also looking for penpals from anywhere in the world. I want to share thoughts and ideas to different people around the world. If you are interested about me just to reply.

19/04/19 - I'm Louise. 18 years of age. Kind of reclusive. Introverted, really. But internet friends don't exhaust me! Also kind of weird, but a lot of people are. I can be a friend. Definitely. We can talk about anything under the sun! Let's both share our knowledge and gain a deeper understanding of things new to us! I'll be waiting for your messages! I hope we can be really good pals! On a side note, though. I'll probably be formal when we start out. Or something. I don't know. I know I can be pretty serious when I try to be. Send me an email.
P.S No old men please. I AM NOT INTERESTED IN BEFRIENDING OLD MEN. I'M NOT DISCRIMINATING. I JUST HAVE TRUST ISSUES. IF YOU ARE 23 AND ABOVE DO NOT EMAIL ME. Adult ladies are okay. But don't try to sell me anything, please? I'm not buying.

08/04/19 - I'm Jona, looking for new set of friends. I love watching movies and listening to music from 70's to 90's and my favorite band is Queen. Im a self proclaimed artist who loves pizza and gloomy weather.

01/03/19 - Vilma Seno, 53, female. I'm Christian Catholic, single mom, have 2 sons growing up. I'm honest, affectionate, trust, loyal, serious, respect, responsible, sweet, loving, sometime have joking, friendly, love kids, long hair, cute girl, very kind. Hope some day is my life and forever more... I need friend and maybe more best friend in my life

19/02/19 - Mabel Orlanda - 124 Calumpang - 4004 Liliw - Philippines
I’m a 53 years old woman. I’m a polio victim at the age of 4. I’m single
I am looking for someone who I can talk my problem someone who is willing to listen to me preferably a woman. Hope I can find a new friend because I only have few friends here in the Philippines
I can read: English and Tagalog

05/02/19 - I'm Angel. I'm looking for a sincere and honest guy from different countries of the world and would like to share thoughts, and ideas regarding on what aspects of their life. I'm 37 years of age, single, simple, friendly, sweet, humble, kind, God-fearing, and loving person with a good heart and a strong personality.I am also looking for those who are sweet, endearing, honest, kind, friendly with good heart and down to earth people. I hope you will write me soon and I will immediately reply your mails. I will be waiting to hear from you soon. I don't like somebody who will just fool or make fun of me because I need someone who is sincere, honest and truthful person.

23/01/19 - Hi I'm Bembem 25 years old from the Philippines. I'm a transgender person, I hope it does not matter to you. I am here looking for a good people to talk to and maybe become good friends or more than that, why not? I am not really good creating a good things about myself, but i can say that i like a long conversation or writing a long letter. I have my email above so don't hesitate to send me if you want to talk to me. Besides i response no matter how short it is. I have Google Hangout and facebook also if you prefer to chat you can message me there anytime.

21/11/18 - Genilyn Deniega - Sibutad Agriculturist Office - Pob. Sibutad, PH-7103 ZDN – Philippines
I'm a 24 years old woman. I'm looking for penpal. Hope you write me soon.

14/11/18 - Anjely Caballero, I'm a 27 years old woman. I am here, to have new friends, to other place, countries.

06/11/18 - Aniruddha Chatterjee - 5D, Bellagio 2, Forbestown Road, Nr Burgos Circle, BGC - 1630 Taguig - Philippines
I’m a 40 years old man. I love writing and I collect stamps
I am looking for people who like writing and who use nice stamps
19/10/18 - Princess C. Indapan - Block 5 Lot 4 Avinca - 8700 Mlayabalay City - Philippines
I’m a 27 years old woman. OK I will tell you something about me. I’m a shy type but cheerful and friendly. positive person wants a simple life i mean just want to be happy with no hatred in my heart. I am loyal when it comes to love... Spread love not hate. The most important people in my life are my parents and my little man ... and hopefully the soon to be?????
I am looking for well, kind of pen pal that is not a scammer, honest, respectful, well mannered, good character, funny and with humor
27/09/18 - Sonny Vincen A. Palandangan - Santol St., Purok Molave - 8005 Bansalan - Philippines
I’m a 27 years old man. I like reading books, watching TV, Biking, Cooking
I am looking for a farmer friend
I can read: English, Filipino, Bisaya
15/09/18 - Sheila Cando - Iligan City - 9200 Suarez - Philippines
I’m a 32 years old woman. I am a simple woman. I’m being contented of what I have now. I’m a self Employed I do Online Selling. I am Good, have a sense of humor, honest, caring, understanding and god fearing. I hate Liers people.
I’m looking for a male pen pal who can accept me for what I am. Who has a good attitude, have a sense of humor, open minded, understanding, and god fearing.
I can read and write: English and Tagalog.
27/08/18 - Miguela D - 109 Bethlehem St., St. Anthony Village, Lanang - 8000 Davao City - Philippines
I’m a 25 years old woman. I am single, simple, easygoing, understanding, thoughtful, honest, trustworthy, and hardworking person. I am currently working as an office staff and I am a Catholic by religion. I mostly like outdoor activities such as nature tripping, road trips, sightseeing, hiking etc.
I am looking for: A man for friendship that leads to a serious relationship. Someone who is God-fearing, goodhearted, sincere, respectful, trustworthy, honest and caring person. Preferably a Roman Catholic by religion.
I can read and write Tagalog and English.
01/07/18 - Renalyn C Raquel - Agusan Ext., Carig Sur - 3500 Tuguegarao City - Philippines
I’m a 43 years old woman. I’m a laid back, friendly woman, and a single mother. I have two kids, a ten-year-old daughter and three-year-old son… I love to get to know people. I honestly think writing letters by hand is personal and intimate. I love listening to music, watch movies and gardening. I enjoy reading and receiving letters, whether email or snail mail. If you’re interested in being a pen pal start off by sending me an e-mail or snail mail and we’ll see where it goes from there!
I am looking for men and or women, age not important.
I can read/write English and Tagalog
26/06/18 - Roselyn Concon - Sto. Thomas St. - 6341 Salvador, Cortes - Philippines
I’m a 24 years old woman. I love to draw, travel, gardening and so much to mention…
I am looking for who came from North Dakota. Who is down to earth and god fearing.
09/06/18 - Kyumie FERNANDEZ
I’m a 15 years old woman. I’m an understanding person and I don’t judge sarcastic but also bubbly.
I'm looking for relationship, someone to be there for me and someone who’s nice and not judgy
I can read and write English and Tagalog.
26/05/18 - Shammy Y - 0561 Purok 1, Santol St. Pag asa, Rawis - 4500 Legazpi City - Philippines
I’m a woman and I was born January 4, 1986. I am a mom of two and married. I love cats and books. I collect cute stuff like stickers, stationeries, papers, postcards etc. I also love art.

I preferred women and moms or not around my age too. I am looking for friends whom I can exchange long letters and talk about anything under the sun. I would also love to have friends from South Korea, Japan and Europe.
Before writing me, please send me a message first here.
25/05/18 - Jerica Calansingin - Lot 1 block 5 Camden Street Belmont BHS - 1900 Cainta - Philippines
I’m a woman and I was born November 27, 1997.
I collect postcards, and phonecards; love dogs, and am an engineer