21/02/19 - I am Eva, let me say that I am not here for money or want to live somewhere else. I know that some women are here for that but not me. Having two good friends would be nice. Friendship needs time so don't call me your best friend first email or stupid like that. The time here is CET. I prefer guy pen pals, not too old. Enjoy your day.

10/02/19 - PAWEL, 40 years old man. I would like to make friends from all the world

07/02/19 - Beth, 42, female. Lovable coffee with milk, interesting people and new cultures, respectful of other views, looking for male pen pals (age 40+) from USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Japan for intelligent, interesting correspondence and building a fascinating relationship. The world is so small, and we can soon be online friends. I wish you all, fascinating friends and great days.

16/03/18 - Anna G. - Skrytka 618, Dworcowa 20B - 70-952 Szczecin - Poland
I’m a woman and I was born February 14, 1988. I’m a girl and anthropology student from Poland, never married, no kids, a big dog lover, catholic but I respect all religions. I have four dogs. I’m looking for pen pals who want to build lifelong pen friendship per letters with me. Post stamps are expensive and I’m not going to spend money for post stamps for people who stop writing after a few letters, sorry.
I have many hobbies like dogs, travelling, history, animals and nature, paranormal, crafts, sea, movies and TV, learning about various cultures, countries, writing letters, reading books, learning languages, long walks and more.
I am looking for all ages and countries, I will reply everybody but here are two conditions-Only pen pals for long-term pen friendship per letters and no romance. I want to build a lifelong pen friendship per letters so write me only if you are sure that you want to and can build pen friendship per letters for whole life.
Languages I can read German, English, French, Polish, Russian, Latin, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, basic Mongolian, Ukrainian
15/03/18 - Daria Dyko - ul. Kusocińskiego 22/12 - 64-920 Piła - Poland
I’m a woman and I was born May 26, 1995. I would like to meet new people from all around the world. I am especially interested in Korean culture. One day I will go there (I hope!) Also, I would like to visit USA. I like reading books, watching movies, listening to music.
I’m looking for someone around my age (can me a little bit older) with same interests (I don’t mind about the gender) who would love to exchange letters with me.
I can read / write Polish, English, German (simple), Korean (simple)