12/03/19 - Roberto Mendonça Faria
I’m a 39 years old man. Interests: Watching TV/films, going out, travelling, shopping, reading, postcard collecting
I’m looking for a snail mail pen pal male or female. I live in the Azores a small archipelago that belongs to Portugal, I love writing letters and making new friends around the globe. I only expect pen pals with an open mind and respectful heart. No love interest mails please.
I can read and write: Portuguese and English.
20/02/19 - Mariana ANGELICO
I’m a 14 years old girl. My hobbies are dancing, talking about Harry Potter, playing the piano, reading, cooking, doing athletics, but my favorite hobby is writing. My friends describe me as a cheerful, funny, (sometimes) perfectionist and clever. Since I was ten, I want to be a world’s citizen, so I think pen-palling is awesome (also because as I said before I love writing!)
Be free to contact me if you are a female European 12 and 14 and if you have similar interests of mine. I can only give you my address after we talk a little bit (sorry but I want privacy)
I can read and write: Portuguese, English and French.
10/06/18 - António Brito Neves - Rua Cidade de Évora, n.º 257 - 2775-309 Cascais - Portugal
I’m a30 years old man. I’m a teacher at Lisbon University, I teach criminal law. I love reading, writing, dancing, jogging, watching movies (or tv series) and taking walks with my dog.
I love the little things: details you just notice and you find curious or think about, short stories (real or not), strange habits from random people, philosophical tales or just nonsense jokes. I also love to talk about books and films or series. Also about personal relationships: sometimes it’s easier to talk about deep feelings with someone you’ll probably never meet in person, so I’m willing to read all about it, because connections between people fascinate me.
I can read Portuguese, Spanish, English, French, German and Italian
19/05/18 - Catarina FERNANDES
I’m a woman and I was born January 25, 2003.
I am looking for Someone with an age close to mine to exchange post cards.
I can read / write: Portuguese and English.
18/05/18 - Raquel Liliane Santos
I’m a woman and I was born August 31, 1995. I’m studying Law in the University of Lisbon. I enjoy reading, discussing important matters of politics and the world itself. I own a baby boy, a 6-year-old lagotto romagnolo - Italian water dog. 
I’m very feminine and I love pink, fluffy and cute random things. I'm passionate about the world, love traveling and the small things in love. 
I’m looking for a friend between 19-29 years old from anywhere around the globe.
I’d really like to have a nice friendship with someone unknown, male or female, through the distance of an email or a letter.
I hope to get in touch with someone soon!
I can read / write Portuguese, English and Dutch.