10/02/19 - Hallo! Ich heiße Elena. Ich lebe in Russland. Ich bin Russischlehrerin de Ich bin 55 Jahre alt. Ich lese gern klassische und moderne Literatur. Ich hore Jazz und Blues. Ich habe das Meer und die Sonne gern, treffe neue Leute und lerne Deutsch auch gern.  

10/02/19 -Hello! My name is Olga. I am 49 years old. I live in Russia. I love to travel, learn English and meet people from other countries, get acquainted with the culture and traditions of different countries. Waiting for letters from you!)

20/10/18 - Anatoly Primak - Kv. #21, Dom #14, Gorkogo Street - Pushkino Town - Moscow Region 141207 - Russia
I’m a 32 years old man. I was born in Russia and live in the small town not far from Moscow. My hobby is collecting interesting postal stamps, postcards, envelopes and banknotes from all world. I would like to interchange of them with anybody who wants. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!
I can read and write: English and Russian.
02/07/18 - Anastasia Ovcharova - 18 liniya V. O., d. 19, kv. 67 - St Petersburg 199178 - Russia
I’m a 25 years old woman. I am quite an ordinary person (sometimes yes, sometimes “wow no! so no!” :DD) meeting some problems in my life and trying to solve them. “What do you like?” - you’ll ask. I’ll answer: “Well, it is Chinese tea ceremony (I really enjoy drinking tea in the traditional way with all that stuff like gaiwan, Yixing teapots etc.), good books, different good movies from heart-touching and social ones to Supernatural as well, taking pictures, travelling, volunteering and adoption topic”. That’s all what I am. From the “wow dog” meme to studying psychology and how to be a good foster parent in future. Ah, forgot to tell. I enjoy painting very much (I even visit art classes every Sunday) and can both speak and write in English and in Finnish (the only things that my stupid university gave to me). A little in Chinese and Japanese (thanks, school!).
Finally, I am beyond politics and other aggression. I believe that friendship is stronger than everything else. Together we can!
P. S. I respond both to e-mails and paper letters.
01/07/18 - Anastasia Ovcharova - ul. Vadima Shefnera, d. 10/1, str. 1, kv. 568 - St Petersburg 199226 - Russia
My name’s Anastasia. Currently I’m living in St Petersburg, “the second capital of Russia”. I’m 24,5 years old. Last year I graduated from the university (as an interpreter of English & Finnish languages) and now work as a freelance teacher with kids. It isn’t always easy, you know )) In addition, I decided to join a speech therapy course to get another diploma. Main parts of my life are: drawing, music and psychology. Every Sunday I visit art classes (3 hours of h a r d   w o r k) and try to create something when I’m free. When I walk outside, I always listen to some folk or folk-rock songs. By the way, I adore walking in any beautiful places. As for psychology, studying “how we work” helps me in many cases. I even used to be an orphanage volunteer (that absolutely turned my life upside down) and now think about the adoption in future. So, I’m waiting for your letter! I am always open for communication.
I can read / write Russian, English, Finnish, Norwegian and German.