16/09/18 - Kumuthu Prabasha - Deepthika - Denagama East 81314 - Sri Lanka
I’m a 12 years old boy. My hobbies are making electronic equipment and collecting rocks. I like to have a pen pal who speaks English.
I am looking for: someone near my age
I can read: Sinhala, English

01/08/18 - I am from Sri Lanka, father of two children, my hobby is rescue of wild elephants trapped in water, canals, feeding and bathing animals, elephants, music and travel, I like to write to any penpals 

03/07/18 - Daham Adikari
I’m a 27 years old man. I am a law student. I am a Sri Lankan. I have been to many countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Cyprus. I am looking for someone to send snail mails. I am looking for genuine pals only. age or gender is not an issue.
I am looking for: pen pals or snail mail pals from Europe, south America or Asia pacific region
27/06/18 - Maliyhi - Sumanagara, Weedagama - Bandaragama - Sri Lanka
I’m a 15 years old girl. I really love kpop. And I was in UK for few yrs. Currently now I’m Sri Lanka
I’m looking for a pen pal who’s nearby my age. Korea, United Kingdom, United States, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden are the countries I’m looking for. 
I can read Sinhala, English, and a little French and Korean
07/04/18 - Anton Daniel - 195 Salmangiri janapadya - Pitawala - Sri Lanka
I’m a man and I was born January 25, 1955. My hobbies are cooking reading tarbelong nature caring.
I am looking for: any kind of pen pal. age doesn’t matter. Specially looking for USA Europe Australia New Zealand.
I can read: English Tamil Sinhala.
30/03/18 - Lasni Minoja Balasooriya - 140/5, Jamburaliya - Madapatha 10306 - Sri Lanka
I’m a woman and I was born November 4, 1998. I like to have pen pals all over the world. My hobbies are collecting stamps and reading books. I like to have a stamp collector as my pen pal. Only girls are welcome. I prefer only snail mailing.
I am looking for girl from any country.
I can read/write: English, Tamil and Sinhala.
17/03/18 - RIZAN
I’m a man and I was born November 14, 1995. I think I’m a nice guy.
I don’t have any girl bestie. Hope I get one through this.
I can read / write: Tamil, Sinhala and English.
29/01/18 - Piumi Thathsarani
I’m a woman and I was born June 25, 1994. Greeting from Sri Lanka! An open-minded Asian girl who loves to meet people and explore the world. I'm an undergraduate Nursing student in a State University, currently completing the 3rd year. I love to learn new cultures, languages, communities and folklore. Interested in music, movies, fashion and much more. I have many hobbies, hiking and travelling are the most favorite among them. I am a Buddhist. I hope to have good friends from every corner of the world. I love to hear about their stories and write mine too.
I am looking for who loves writing long letters. Both girls and boys between 18-30 years are welcome! Specially I would like to have pen friends from USA, Canada, Europe and Australia. I prefer snail mail, but emailing is okay with me
14/12/17 - Gangadara - 490/3 Rathkarawwa, Maspotha - Kurunegala 60000 - Sri Lanka
I’m a woman and I was born December 2, 2000.
The only thing I expect from you is the friendship
I can read / write English and German.

08/12/17 - Yogarajah - 33 Soosaipillaiyar Kulam Rd - Vavuniya 430000 - Sri Lanka
I’m a man and I was born September 15, 1962. I am a friendly person and I like to try new things. I have done my high school in India and done my management in the UK. Now I am in Sri Lanka and my own business. My business tourism, food, real estate, granite.
I am looking for a good female friend who can be a good supporter with my business (no investment )and adviser for long term relationship.
I can read / write English and Tamil.

22/10/17 - Nishi Nish - 314/20, Atakorasa, Bathgammulla - 11010 Ragama - Sri Lanka
I’m a woman and I was born August 9, 1993. Call me Nishie, I love drawing and want to learn more about drawing too. I am learning Korean, and I love to explore other cultures and especially languages. I’m looking for a sweet friend that I can send letters very often to. I love kpop and I love music. I don’t care about your interests actually, anyone who wants to have more friends are welcome to be part of my world. But please make sure you are less than 32 years of age. Thanks so much. 
I am looking for outgoing and who is willing to write often.

21/10/17 - Rashmi Nimasha Jayatgissa - 352, Mudungoda - Gampaha - Sri Lanka
I’m a woman and I was born January 11, 1994. I’m university student…
I like most friendly people. I like to chat, to know to their life.