29/01/19 - Parvati Bhaskaran - 16163 SW Holland ln - Sherwood, OR 97140 - U.S.A.
Iím a 12 years old girl. I want a pen pal
I am looking for a girl my age
28/01/19 - Jillian Moore - 765 Timberlane Dr - Gallon, OH 44833 - U.S.A.
Iím a 12 years old girl. Iím in fifth grade and I like art.
I am looking for anyone
27/01/19 - Shaj - 1501 37th Ave - Meridian, MS 39307 - U.S.A.
I was born April 6, 1981. I do like to write, read, draw, take walks, and struggling with major depression (so if u have mental health issue, I would love to talk about that)
I want a nice girl who travels to where I am or can travel to where I am; I want a nice girl is, an introvert/extrovert, who wants a serious relationship-marriage; and will treat me like I am the only person in the world.
26/01/19 - Kayla Barksdale - 110 East Watertown St Lot 35 - Rapid City, SD 57701 - U.S.A.
Iím a 28 years old woman. I am divorced. I love writing to new people and enjoy every bit of it. Snail Mail or E-mail. I love them both. I have all kinds of hobbies and interests which is way too many to name or list, so youíre welcome to ask in the letter or e-mail. I am an open book, so I will be honest and truthful. Finding a serious pen-pal is hard when they either stop writing or ask you to stop because they arenít interested anymore.
I am looking for someone who is between 18-90, I donít want anyone under 18 to send me any letters.
I can read and write: English, Latin, Italian and Japanese.
25/01/19 - Brianna C - 135 Cypress Hill Lane - Holly Springs, NC 27540 - U.S.A.
Iím a 21 years old woman. I am a college student enrolled in a community college. I love doing math problems and watching TV. I like watching Netflix; favorite genres include: dramas, comedies. I have tattoos and piercings. I am an open-minded person and love talking to new interesting people
I am looking for: Friendship
24/01/19 - Araceli Mercedes - 465 E 188th Street - #PW 22638 Bronx, NY 10458 - U.S.A.
Iím a 39 years old woman.
Traveling, salsa dancing, studying languages, watching baseball, cooking, creative writing, reading, gardening, physics, psychology, social justice, intellectual conversation
I am looking for a pen pal that enjoys sending and receiving handwritten letters, friendship only (not a romantic relationship), someone who loves their family and doesnít judge others too quickly
23/01/19 - Betty Redd - 12764 S M 43 Hwy - Delton, MI 49046 - U.S.A.
Iím a 63 years old woman. Love to write poetry.
I am looking for a Christian man who loves God.
22/01/19 - LETTERLOVE
Iím a 43 years old woman. German-American wife and mother, catlovercat lover, love: writing, journaling, snail mail, letters, postcards, swapping, letters with thoughtful content whether short or long, interesting discussions, learning about other countries and cultures.
Interests and Hobbies: writing, reading, listening to music, gardening, recycling, cooking, baking, crafting.
I am looking for female long-term worldwide penpalspen pals of any age, country, and religion (no religious mail though!). Any walks of life, similar or different interests are welcome too, Iím curious to learn something new! I love long and detailed letters, but shorter oneís or notecard pen pals are welcome too, as long as the letter has some kind of interesting content, ongoing conversation and sharing each otherís lifes .lives. Postcard pen pals are welcome too as well as swapping with or without writing letters. typing or handwriting, longer or shorter answering times - itís all good. Please e-mail me for address and weíll start writing!
I can read and write: English and German.
21/01/19 - Josephine Fantauzzi - 4615 N Clifton Avenue - Chicago, IL 60640 - U.S.A.
Iím a 39 years old woman. I am an avid reader and writer. I knit, crochet, embroider, run, volunteer taking care of shelter animals. I love horror movies, taking photos, and cooking.
I am looking for someone looking for a long-lasting friend. Consistency in writing.
20/01/19 - Karen Sisler - 1716 No 9th Street - Coeur díAlene, ID 38314 - U.S.A.
Iím a 63 years old woman. I'm a very laid-back easy-going love to read all kinds of things I love my family and my pen pals as well I love walking my dog
I am looking for ppl of all age can write to me females or male
19/01/19 - Erlinda Davison - 69 Lucas Ave - Kingston, NY 12401 - U.S.A.
Iím a 51 years old woman. I love animals and I volunteer to save Yorkshire Terriers. I enjoy watching and playing sports. I like geocaching (modern day treasure hunting). I enjoy reading fiction. I do a lot of paper crafting and make mini scrapbook albums for fun. I like to travel and learn about different cultures.
I am looking for friends of all ages and backgrounds to write and send letters to.
I can read English and Spanish
18/01/19 - Sabine Brown - 5179 Jennie Rd SW - Albuquerque, NM 87121 - U.S.A.
Iím a 57 years old woman. I am looking for man between 50 and 60 years old.
I am looking for email or postal mail.
I can read & write: English and French.
17/01/19 - Jeff Trehern - PO Box 822 - Pascagoula, MS 39568 - Mississippi
Iím a 41 years old man. I am married with four kids. I love scuba diving, driving my Ď93 Jeep Wrangler, and fountain pens.
I am looking for anyone really but someone into fountain pens would be awesome.
I can read: Hebrew, Greek, English
16/01/19 - Leslee Cowling - PO Box 2187 - Fair Oaks, CA 95628 - U.S.A.
Iím a 44 years old woman. I love to write to people the old fashion snail mail way. I love to talk about god, the bible and my dogs. I love writing about my art that I do. It is coloring and putting sticker on the letter!
I am looking for first off most be in the USA only pen pals. Man or woman that can print the letter and knowing it only a friendship my mail. I not looking for love on line!

04/01/19 Ė I'm Sherri, a 52 years old woman. Looking for email friends only. Not looking for a relationship, I have a boyfriend, ages between 25 to 60 in the USA, Canada, Hawaii

03/01/18 - Allen Hamm, 56, man. Hello ladies age 30-56, I like meet Philippines American women. I single man like Asian art and good food. I love look at Hong Kong city or Japan or Philippines please I just long friendship. Stay safe.

02/01/19 Ė I'm Ryan Gilliard. Becoming more acceptable for the industry and I will send you my phone number and email address so I can send you love and friendship. We can definitely be able to make contact in real life soon as possible.

23/12/18 - JudyKay Hockenberry - 270 SE Currie Way - Shelton, WA 98584 - U.S.A.
Iím a 32 years old woman. I have brown hair blue eyes I am 5 ft 5 (1.65 m) I am a very kind young lady and am honest and truthful person. My hobbies are crafts embroidery adult coloring shopping etc.
I am looking for female pen pals ages 21 to 75 years old, male pen pals ages 21 to 45 years old. No male prisoners. USA Only
22/12/18 - Sara Henry - 4001 Summitview Ave - Suite 5 PMB 255 - Yakima, WA 98908 - Washington
Iím a 19 years old girl. I go to an online high school, I am setting up a five-acre farm and helping my dad with his business in town, I like to cook, ride horses, read, and write, I am new at the writing part. I also like to Paint, I am terrible at it but I enjoy it, and I also love old radio shows, and quilting, I like the idea of exchanging letters with someone, sometimes it is nice just to hear about someoneís day, I think I would enjoy learning about a new language and culture as well, This is not everything I do, or am interested in but I think that would take more space than I have. I look forward to hearing from you.
I am looking for: I am not really that picky, anyone is welcome.
21/12/18 - Taicha Christensen
Iím a 15 years old girl. I like to read and write. Ií really into music: playing it, listening to it, making my own, dancing to it, and singing along with it. I like to socialize. Iím a major perfectionist, and have self-diagnosed OCD. (my room is almost always spotless, and my drawers and closet are immaculate) I love to hang with my friends and family. I am really good at taking naps. I love art, but I canít draw to save my life. I love to have Friday night pizza and game nights that last until 1 a.m. I could talk for hours if I have enough to say. (or even if I donít) If you want to know more about me, youíll have to get back to me and be my pen pal!
I am looking for any who is interested in some of the things I am, or even if they are not. I want nice people who are funny or can tell good stories. I want someone who wants to talk to me like every day or at least very often. Please donít get back to me if you are a creep, a stalker, or have been arrested for any reason. I am not in the mood to get kidnapped any time soon.
I can read and write English and a little bit of Spanish
20/12/18 - Destiny Mooneyham
Iím a 17 years old girl. I have green eyes and dishwater blond hair. I go to High school and I love making friends with people
19/12/18 - Sarah Brown - 636 Allegheny River Blvd - Oakmont, PA 15139 - USA
Iím a 33 years old woman.
Iím looking for pen pals from all over the world regardless of age, religion, etc. I live in a beautiful town right outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I love sports, cooking, reading, scrap booking, spending lots of time with my family and friends and, of course, sending and receiving mail. Iím hoping to find long-term pen pals who will become true friends. Iíd love to learn more about different countries, cultures, traditions and exchange recipes, postcards and tea. If there are any Muslim women who would like to be pen pals Iíd love to talk to you! I recently began dating a Muslim man and Iíd love to learn more about your faith. Please no inmates and I am not interested in a relationship.
18/12/18 - Anton Johnson - Maryland U/CTP - P.O. Box 1000 - Butner, NC 27509 - U.S.A.
Iím a 51 years old man.
I am looking for woman for friendship
17/12/18 - Michael P. Scott - Crgy. Minimum #4630 - 2992 Riverside Dr. Asheville, NC 28804 - U.S.A.
Iím a 44 years old man. I have been in prison since I was 19. I am guilty, no way around that but I am not that same kid. I am about to get out in about 13 months. I am open, transparent, and honest. I am originally from RI. Grew up in the foster system so I don't have much family. I am looking to build bridges and develop friendships. I write stories and screenplays. Please keep in mind that I do not have access to internet or e-mail. My friend is posting this for me. So, all I can do is snail mail.
I am looking for: open minded. Creative. Great sense of humor.
16/12/18 - Jackie Jones - 209 East 118 Street, 4BB - New York, NY 10035 - U.S.A.
Iím a 67 years old woman. I like music, reading, dance, movies, and I play piano. I am learning chess and Spanish. 
I am looking for someone who can teach me Spanish, chess or just keep in touch with. 
15/12/18 - Colleen Baldwin - 6030 E Taft Rd C11 - Syracuse, NY 13212 - U.S.A.
Iím a 65 years old woman. I enjoy my friend, family, and church. My interests include walking my dog Noodle, reading, pen friends, movies, sewing, crafts. 
I would like to write snail or emails people of all ages, female and male from all countries. 
14/12/18 - Anna Mariah Cook
Iím a 29 years old woman, a lady looking for friends to chat to. Preferably female. My hobbies are gardening, watching movies, YouTube, snail mail, writing essays. I have two dogs, named bobo and sassy. My favorite movie is Avatar. I donít like country music. I have recently lost a best friend, so I hope to find a new one. Sometimes I do yoga and I am a feminist.
I am looking for friendly, honest, cheerful
13/12/18 - Tiffany Artiaga - PO Box 4302 - Rosswell, NM 88202 - U.S.A.
Iím a 36 years old woman. I have been married 11 yrs. (10-18-07). I love to read, write letters, watch movies and TV, I love to learn as much as I can (especially psychology, religion, philosophy), I love to ask questions... I feel itís the best way to learn more about each other. I love to spend time with my family. I love music and Iím open to talking about anything... if Iím not Iíll let you know. I love collecting stickers, pretty colored pens. Iím a huge animal lover... I absolutely love elephants and dogs the most! :) I love anything from the 1950s (clothes, pics, random items.) My favorite color is pink.
I am looking for preferably female or male (only if male is gay), mail (actual letters) and friendship
12/12/18 - BRIAN
Iím a 48 years old man. I am looking for any pen pals, for friends or more. I am a tall masculine male, half Native American and half Portuguese who lives in Massachusetts, on the border of Rhode Island, by the water. I like movies, TV, and books. I am very athletic but artistic too. Letís be friends!
11/12/18 - Lauren McCarthy - 25 West Howard St. Unit E3 - Quincy, MA 02169 - U.S.A.
Iím a 28 years old woman. I am a nanny. I love my job, watching RuPaulís Drag Race, my dog, animated movies, horror movies, taking naps, watching Netflix and YouTube, and corny jokes.
I am looking for anyone who thinks they may share my interests and/or is looking for a long-term pen-friendship
09/12/18 - Taryn D - 199 Drain Rd - Mansfield, LA 71052 - U.S.A.
Iím a 30 years old woman. Iím a great friend to have. I like to learn new things such as new languages about peopleís country city or state and about everything else they are. 
I am looking for females only

07/12/18 - Jay Glenewinkel
I am seeking penfriends, male and female of any nationality.

07/12/18 - Madison A - 12023 Central Park Dr. - Giesmar, LA 70734 - U.S.A.
Iím a 17 years old girl. Iím a senior in high school looking for friends who share my love of writing. I am planning on becoming a chef and going to culinary school after I graduate. I love all animals and have a fascination with languages and cultures and I would love to learn more about the world.
I am looking for friendly and platonic
05/12/18 - Charles Rose - PO Box 162 - Marshes Siding, KY 42653 - U.S.A.
Iím a 39 years old man. I have brown hair, blue eyes, 214 lbs. (97 kg) and I am about 5í10" (1.78 m). I take care of my sick father 24/7 he is very sick, I enjoy watching Netflix, long conversations, and just having a good time in general. I will be a bit shy at first, but I promise that will soon fade as we get to know each other better. I love to laugh and cut up. I love country music, but love some pop & r&b. I like watching tv, I like The Voice, Americaís Got Talent, American Idol, World of Dance & the new show called Boy Band, my favorite color is red & black, I love horror movies! I have a dog and her name is Brownie, I love her 2 death like I love my dad, I love hanging out with my friend and family. I am looking for a guy that is looking for a friend or pen pal as I do. Me & my dad own our own home. Iím a pretty easy-going person, down to earth, sense of humor kinda guy pretty laid back. I ainít looking for something more serious just a friend.
I want is to meet a really good and decent person to get to know as well that person to know me and start as friends and go from there to see what may happen. Well I am gonna end this letter for now so message me what do you have to lose? Maybe one of the best guys you could have ever met! If you are into games, please pass me by thanks...
03/12/18 - Jessica Jaymes McDaniel - 132 Jones Acres Dr - Macon, GA 31217 - U.S.A.
Iím a 28 years old woman. I am a single mom of three gorgeous girls, I write and draw in my spare time. I am a cake decorator and I love to bake. Iím looking for someone to talk to and learn new things from.
I am looking for: any kind Iím really interested in meeting new people and learning about new cultures
01/12/18 - Valerie Bruce - 9424 N. Calhan Hwy - Calhan, CO 80808 - U.S.A.
Iím a 57 years old woman. Iím a country gal, being a grandma is the best job ever, I love animals and nature. I also love to cook, garden, craft etc. I am involved in my church and community. I really love to make new friends all over.
I am looking for a female only... Honest, trusting, loves their family somebody that likes to make new friends
29/11/18 - Soney Vasquez - 3228 Fairview CT apt 4 - Sacramento, CA 98521 - U.S.A.
Iím a 24 years old man. I like sports, books, and movies
I am looking for anyone who writes at least once a month
26/11/18 - NAT
Iím a 18 years old girl. Iím a second-year university student...I donít really know what I want to study yet, but Iím interested in psychology and Japanese literature. I love to draw, collect cute things, play saxophone, cook and bake, play with my dog, and read. My favorite things to read are manga, Japanese literature, and crime novels. I like a lot of music, but my favorite genres are alternative/indie, jazz, and a little j-rock (ガゼット). I love Studio Ghibli movies, the latest one I saw was Grave of the Fireflies, I loved it. I love to learn about different things as well.
I am looking for: preferably female but males are fine too, in my university age group of 18-22. Ideally a pal from Japan but other places are okay.
I can read and write: English, French and Japanese.
20/11/18 - Jason South
Iím a 40 years old man. I am a vegan and a huge animal lover with a huge heart. I am locked up and looking for people to meet and share lifeís gift of love, ideas and laughs. I have been studying tech, future tech and its applications, really into humanitarian causes to make the world a better place. Very into A.I. and robotics as well as Bio -mechanics. I read a lot in here. I love to study, 90% of reading I do is studying, but I break it up a little bit with some good fiction. Usually about A.I. and robots., lol, no kidding, well kind of, I read some romance too. lol . Also, about to work on writing 3 books, one on the future of tech [from an optimistic tech enthusiast], one on Immortality, one on the In-Justice system, and how tech could help fix it, as well as fix poverty and crime as a result. I also run and work out and listen to my MP3 all day long. Iím pretty positive and outgoing most of the time. Iíve been in 12 yrs. Was framed up\set up by some rogue informants who wanted to stay free to keep committing their crimes. I co-owned a Cafe in Atlanta, Ga. when I came in and lost it all fighting in trial and post-conviction. Before the Cafe I owned a pet store.
Thanks for reading my long bio. I hope to hear from you soon.
09/11/18 - LuAnn Rutherford - PO Box 876293 - Wasilla, AK 99687 - U.S.A.
Iím a 53 years old woman. I am raising my 4 yr. old grand daughter, I have/love dogs, I collect postcards, I do crafts with yarn, I love to take photos of my family and wild life, I love the outdoors, I do and like other things too.
I am looking for: open to anyone

04/11/18 Ė TIONNA, 36 years old woman. I'm looking for penpals male or female to write, snail mail preferred. I can try to send a written response in my spare time. I work weekly. Any race welcome, any age over 25 please.

26/10/18 - Dodi Broadwater - 303 Lee Road - Opelika, AL 36804 - U.S.A.
Iím a 47 years old woman, short brown hair and hazel eyes. Happily engaged to a wonderful man
I'm looking for female pen pals only
06/10/18 - LB - PO Box 330366 - Atlantic Beach, FL 332233 - U.S.A.
Iím a 28 years old woman, a mother of two. I move around every few years and enjoy making friends in different places. Letís write each other and get mail other than bills.
I am looking for a snail mail pen pal anywhere, no age or gender preference. Not seeking incarcerated pen pals.
02/10/18 - Ruth Oppenheimer - 500 Holden Way - Carbondale, CO 81623 - U.S.A.
Iím a 17 years old girl. Nine months out of the year I live at a boarding school in Colorado! This will be my senior year. I like climbing (yes, rock climbing), I play nine instruments and love all kinds of music, especially Jazz.
Iím looking for somebody between 14-19 years old or 60 years and up that I can have a fun correspondence with, and just talk about how life is going, and give each other advice. Iíd prefer to have somebody in the United States as postage for international mail is very expensive.
I can read and write: English and Spanish.
28/09/18 - James Hall - PO Box 277494 - Sacramento, CA 95827 - U.S.A.
Iím a 22 years old man. I am a political science student at university, and like to have long, deep conversations with anyone who can keep it going.
I am looking for snail mail only; Anyone who can hold a decent conversation.
I can read and write: English, Spanish.
19/09/18 - ELAINE P
Iím a 20 years old woman. Iím a university student studying International Studies and Political Science who is looking to send snail mail.
Preferably Iíd like to have a pen pal around my age, so between the ages of 18-24, and any gender is fine. Iíd really like to have a pen pal from a different country, so anyplace outside of the USA is great. Also, if you happen to be a Spanish speaker, Iíd especially like to write letters in Spanish to brush up on my writing skills! I would love to make a long-term friend and be able to really get to know each other! :)
My interests include: traveling, drawing, and listening to music. Some of my favorite shows are Parks and Rec, Game of Thrones, and Law and Order: SVU. I love all types of movies, especially period dramas, dramas, fantasy, sci-fi, animation, and comedies. Iím also fascinated by conspiracy theories and true crime and enjoy playing video games, such as Pokťmon and Skyrim. I really love animals, especially cats! I love all types of music, from old school to dance to hip hop to pop to anything in between! I have a sarcastic sense of humor and am generally a laid-back person. If youíd like to write to me, please email me and tell me about yourself and we can exchange postal addresses.
31/08/18 - Rachel W
Iím a 19 years old girl. Always up for learning new things. Fan of dancing, singing, philosophy, traveling, and YouTube.
I am looking for Email
I can read and write English and Mandarin Chinese (not as fluent)
03/08/18 - Andy M - 8080 12th Ave S Apt 204 - Bloomington, MN 55425 - U.S.A.
Iím a man and I was born April 29, 1983.
Looking for someone to exchange letters with.
I can read / write English and Spanish.
16/07/17 - Jordan Kapellusch - 1517 Ames St - Neenah, WI 54956 - U.S.A.
Iím a 29 years old man. Love to write, and especially hand-write, letters. My wife and I and our gigantic 20-lb. cat have a small home in the Midwest but try and travel often to beat the cabin fever blues. I spend free time playing music, listening to music and taking pictures. I also like exercising with my road bike and watching movies (horror and weird movies are my favorites). I love animals and believe in a mission to use my life to redeem, create and restore the world around me. We live in a garden.
I am looking for people with a positive outlook who see the world as a place of opportunity and donít mind a few weeks passing between letters (sorry in advance!)
I can read English, Spanish, Italian
15/07/18 - Sarah Boyer - 20218 Kingsland Blvd - Katy, TX 77450 - U. S. A. 
Iím a 26 years old woman. I donít want to reveal all my secrets but anime/manga, comics and general nerdy stuff! I also have a passion for my work as a swim coach at the YMCA.
Kind of pen pal I am looking for: anyone willing to talk nerdy to me. Open minded and straight forward are a plus. Hopefully we can expand each otherís horizons.
14/07/18 - Jessica Sellers - 309 Bryant Rd - Clyde, TX 79510 - U. S. A. 
Iím a 25 years old woman. I enjoy reading, writing, listening to music, and running. I work at a hotel and love what I do and everyone I work with. I love to write, but never really have anything to write about. I am interested in different cultures I live in a small town and donít get out of it very often so this should be a fun way to get a peek at the world.
I am looking for anyone who can hold a conversation and keep it interesting.
13/07/18 - Christopher Grissom - PO Box 177 - McMinnville, TN 37111 - U. S. A.
Iím a 35 years old man. Just a simple man who loves to snail mail. My interests are varied, I like to read and write. I love to travel as well, as of now Iíve been to a few states and two countries. Those countries are Canada and Mexico. I may be going back to Mexico in October. I have so many to list-just write me and ask.
I am looking for someone with similar interest as me...I would like to meet someone to talk about culture, books, religion, politics, different ideals and philosophies, etc. It would be great to share different ideals.
12/07/18 - Kyle M
Iím a 23 years old man. Iím a university student studying language, and while I do have a passion for this particular field, I would prefer not to let that be the major reason as to why Iím talking to someone. I enjoy writing to people, whether it be through e-mail or handwritten letters; I might also be open to exchanging small parcels of random knick-knacks and/or foodstuffs.
I am looking for someone who can write at length on various random subjects. Location doesnít matter much Ė overseas or domestic is fine with me. If you donít write English so well, I donít mind, Iím usually able to piece meaning together pretty easily.
I can read: English, French, basic Swedish, basic Japanese (mostly kana)
11/07/18 - Rylee - PO Box 112 - Salisbury, NH 03268 - U.S.A.
Iím a 16 years old girl. Iím from New Hampshire, I love music, art, dogs and spending summers on the beach. Iím currently doing school online and would love to have someone to talk to.
I am looking for anyone!
10/07/18 - Renee Messina - 111 S Myrtle St #10 - Conway, MO 65632 - U.S.A.
Iím a 54 years old woman. I am divorced, I am a down to earth gal. I am a mom to three all grown.
I am looking for Friends in the US only.
I am looking for friendship
09/07/18 - Leigh LaBorde - 51 Magnolia Dr - Monroe, LA 71203 - U.S.A.
Iím a 45 years old woman. I'm a female from Louisiana. I would like snail mail and email pen pals, I do snail mostly, but will take some emails too. Iíll write to anywhere, but please no jail, or middle east, or scammers
My hobbies are reading, travelling, meeting new friends, helping others out, working with kids, watching sports, I love anything thatís true crime or true stories. My fave channel is the ID channel. I also do plastic canvas.
Iíll be honest with you, Iím a lesbian and Iím bipolar. But I have a fiancťe.
08/07/18 - Ron Von Dollen - 1104 B Keating Street - Marysville, KS 66508 - U.S.A.
Iím a 82 years old man. I live in the United States, in Kansas. I am a male, looking for a female pen pal between the ages of 65-80. I love to read; my favorite books are Westerns and mysteries--especially James Patterson and John Grisham. I travel occasionally and enjoy history and old Western movies. I am retired and would love to have a few pen pals that I can correspond via snail mail.
06/07/18 - Randy
Iím a 54 years old man. Very open minded down to earth male a non-smoker and drinker who enjoys talking about anything from the silly to the mature.
I am looking for a non-smoking female who is very open minded and enjoy talking about anything.
05/07/18 - Miriam Lagunes - 16743 Gravel Hill Rd - Milton, DE 19968 - U.S.A.
Iím a 52 years old woman. I am a mother of four children. I am originally from Mexico. I work as a teacher and got my license to practice medicine in Mexico. Ask me about my hobbies.
I am looking for: Friends
I can read and write English and Spanish.
04/07/18 - Lolita H
Iím a 62 years old woman. Gardener, walker, conversationalist, adventuresome, eclectic, iconoclastic, traveler, interesting/interested, retired.
I am looking for mature, somewhat like me, non-smoker.
29/06/18 - Christy - 2662 Mountainview Space #5 - El Monte, CA 91732 - U. S. A.
Iím a 36 years old woman. I love writing snail pen pals and exchanging small gifts through the postal mail
I am looking for snail pen pals only
20/06/18 - Kandace Fuller
Iím a 25 years old woman. I am an artist who is interested in languages and cultures from all around the world. I speak English but aiming to learn Japanese, Spanish, German, Korean, Chinese, and French. There are more that Iím interested in but those are the ones that I really want to focus on. My interests include art, anime, reading, language learning, comics, movies, writing, tv shows, music, video games, and much more.
I am looking for snail mail pen pals. I think thereís something very exciting about receiving and opening physical letters rather than email.
I can read English and Spanish (very, very little)
19/06/18 - Rachel Hernandez - 743 Kenny Lane Unit C - Marysville, OH 43040 - U.S.A.
Iím a 39 years old woman, mother to four kids, I like dragons, cars, music and meeting new people. I am not sure what to say about myself, but if you want to really know, just write me and we can get to know each other.
I donít have a kind of person I want to write. I am just looking to make new friends no matter their background. I like meeting people from all over the world.
18/06/18 - Walter Strade - 5528 Brodway - Lancaster, NY 14086 - U.S.A.
Iím a 49 years old man, looking for cool pen pals to travel via stamp mails. I told someone the library is a time machine. Iím a guy I like mails but donít feel that you have to craft for days, ok. if you are into themes do goats I love goats. I worked a year on a goat farm.
16/06/18 - Sidney Secular - PO Box 7753 - Silver Spring, MD 20910 - U.S.A.
Iím a 78 years old man. White male. Spiritual. Interested in all academic disciplines, the occult, the environment, and anything off-the wall. Degrees in History and Education. Writer, book lover, music enthusiast, uniquely humorous, nature lover, weather forecaster, cultural activities. Far-right winger in politics: wing it with me.
I am looking for caring, flexible, loving, open-minded woman of any age. Slight preference for southern belles
12/06/18 - Nikki Caudle - 30 N Union Ave - West Haven, CT 06516 - U.S.A.
Iím a 36 years old woman. Iím a mom to 1 of the most handsome smart 2 yr. olds, luka micheal. I have a niece, and nephew. I like to read, write, garden, go for walks with my baby and my puppy. I like to color, colored pencils, crayons are 4 my son, lol. I like to go to the movies, go hiking, thereís an adventure course near us, that has wall climbing etc., thatís fun! I want to go zip lining, thatís next on the list! I would love to travel, if only I was rich lol. please, drop me a line if you have similar interests, or even if u donít think weíd click! always looking for new pen pals and friends!
I am looking for a female faithful writer, who doesnít stop after 2 or 3 letters
31/05/18 - David M. Figueroa - 82 Stahley Street - Brentwood, NY 11717 - U.S.A.
Iím a man and I was born May 12, 1997. Iím from Long Island, New York. Which is about an hour away from New York City. I love to travel, hang out with friends, bowl, and I just started collecting stamps. I would guess I have about one hundred now, from the U.S. and worldwide. Whoever writes me, doesnít have to have the same interests as me, I want to meet new people, from all walks of life and hopefully make new friends that I can write for years to come.
I am looking for anyone who wishes to write me. Iím looking to make new friends.
29/05/18 - Lori Lee - PO Box 2161 - Carlsbad, CA 92018 - U.S.A.
Iím a woman and I was born September 16, 1958. I am an adventurous mature woman who enjoys travel and open-minded discussion and playfulness
I am looking for sSeeking interesting intelligent gentlemen to correspond with...Adventurous with sense of humor
I can read / write some Spanish and Italian
21/05/18 - Linda Sides - 3302 E 29 Street - Tucson, AZ 85713 - U.S.A.
Iím a woman and I was born February 8, 1954. I love to read do crafts, color paint, crochet
I would like a pen pal who loves to write and is crafty who loves cats and putting jigsaw puzzles together, I want someone to be friend with
09/05/18 - Alyssa Messina - 6211 Johnston Road Guildford #10 - Albany, NY 12203 - U.S.A
Iím a woman and I was born December 30, 1980. I truly love writing and handwritten letters. I am sad the art is being lost and my friends daughter told me the other day they arenít even teaching cursive writing anymore in school. I am an outdoorsy girl. anything to get me out in the fresh air. I work a lot, full time with a part time gig. I love getting to know people and exchanging wonders and thoughts. I wander a lot, not because I am lost thereís just so much beauty around us people forget to look and find it. we have become an electronic world and I wish sometimes I could go back to when I was young and picking up a house phone was a common practice and I didnít have to worry about people text messaging and driving as I take an afternoon stroll. I love to laugh, smile and just be myself.
I am looking to genuine good people. anyone, in fact, tell me your stories, your hopes and dreams. be kind and yourself.
08/05/18 - Meraris Moreno - 1754 Hobart Ave Apt 2A - Bronx, NY 10461 - U.S.A.
Iím a woman and I was born March 17, 1986. I love to craft and meet new friends, I will love to have female pen pals
I am looking for female
I can read Spanish and English
07/05/18 - Colleen Gurnee - 18 Norcros Landing - West Chesterfield, NH 03466 - U.S.A.
Iím a woman and I was born May 16, 1955. I am happy married, I enjoy cooking, baking, knitting, reading, ink stamping, yard sales, writing to pen pals since I was 12, cleaning, own my own business, work out or just walks with my Siamese cat, shih Tzu, yorkie, surf the web. I give a lot of what I make away. Trying to work out and lose some pounds.
I am looking for same interest, no males
06/05/18 - Shawn Hemler - 1719 Foxglove Dr - St Charles, MO 63303 - U.S.A.
Iím a man and I was born September 9, 1983. Single man with a dog. Born and raised in central New York state. Served in the US Navy for 5 years as an aviation mechanic on the F/A 18 Super Hornet. I have visited Rome, Italy; Pompeii, Italy; Lisbon, Portugal; Dubai, UAE; Crete, Greece; Gimhae, South Korea; and Changsha, China. I live in the St. Louis area of Missouri. Iím pretty lazy, especially during the winter season. I regularly play video games, read books, and watch sports. The rest of the year, you might catch me biking, hiking, camping, or just hanging with some peeps. I used to smoke pot, a lot. I donít anymore, but I used to. I also swear/cuss a lot in live conversation. I donít believe in humanity anymore, either. I connect with animals and children more than adults my own age. Iím too honest and humorous to blend with society.
I am looking for someone who likes to chat randomly. About anything. I mean that literally. Chatting is always good, no matter the topic or banter.
05/05/18 - Raven Hitchcock - 450 Cr 1201 - Plantersville, MS 38862 - U.S.A.
Iím a woman and I was born May 19, 2005. I love soccer, dancing, being outside, swimming, and learning about other people, and text my friends
I am looking for girl, blonde, pretty, and with a phone, and loves drama
03/05/18 - Curtis Combs - PO Box 35 - Woodbine, MD 21797 - U.S.A.
Iím a man and I was born March 16, 1967. Iím a loyal kind guy I have always thought of others before myself, itís just who I am I really enjoy weekend getaways, Photography is a fav of mine, I love rock and roll, collect movies from the 40 and 50s mostly! The grapes of wrath is a classic! I have a very small circle of friends! Iím very lucky to have a best friend for more than 30 years!
Iím looking for men pen pals who are kind and think of others!
02/05/18 - Natasha Cluff - 740 Silver Spring Ave - Silver Spring, MD 20910 - U.S.A.
Iím a woman and I was born December 20, 1980. Jane of all trades. Woman of integrity, passion, and intensity. 37 years of age. Bright, active, and unpretentious.
I am looking for man of gentleness, honesty, and hope. respects himself and others. Not afraid of commitment.
01/05/18 - Charles Rose - PO Box 162 - Marshes Siding, KY 42653 - U.S.A.
Iím a man and I was born January 3, 1979. I have black hair, blue eyes, 204 lbs. and I am about 5í10", I take care of my sick father 24/7 he is very sick, I enjoy watching Netflix, long conversations, and just having a good time in general. I will be a bit shy at first, but I promise that will soon fade as we get to know each other better. I love to laugh and cut up. I love country music, but love some pop r n b. I like watching tv, I like The Voice, Americaís Got Talent, American Idol, World of Dance and the new show called Boy Band, my favorite color is red and black, I love horror movies! I have a dog and her name is Brownie, I love her 2 death like I love my dad, I love hanging out with my friend and family. I am looking for a guy that is looking for a friend or pen pal as I do. Me and my dad own our own home. Iím an easy-going person, down to earth, sense of humor kinda guy pretty laid back. I ainít looking for something more serious just a friend.
I want is to meet a really good and decent person to get to know as well that person to know me and start as friends and go from there to see what may happen. Well I am gonna end this letter for now so message me what do you have to lose? Maybe one of the best guys you could have ever met! If you are into games, please pass me by thanks...
I am looking for a snail mail
30/04/18 - Ginger Wilson - PO Box 206432 - Louisville, KY 40250 - U.S.A.
Iím a woman and I was born October 30, 1980, married, mom to one, has two cats, loves the paranormal
I am looking for: any
29/04/18 - Jordan Durbin - 2645 State St - Granite City, IL 62040 - U.S.A.
Iím a woman and I was born December 12, 1992. I am a graduate student in instructional systems design (my undergrad was in philosophy). I love to cook, and Iím interested in all things artistic! Iím an avid reader and love to study historical architecture in my off time. I have two cats and a dog, and I love them so much! I donít watch television and Iím not on the internet much so itís hard for me to fit in with others my age. I travel often and love to meet new people and see new places. 
Iím interested in someone my age or older preferably, but I would love to hear from anyone if you think we have common interests. Iím looking for a potential long-term friendship and intend to write frequently.
27/04/18 - Karen Sisler - 615 N 20th Street - Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814 - U.S.A.
Iím a woman and I was born July 5, 1956. I am looking to make new friends Thru the ink trail I am a very kind and caring person
I am looking for any age pen pal as long as you are caring and kind
25/04/18 - Angie Barresi - 906 Hill St - Lagrange, GA 30242 - U.S.A.
Iím a woman and I was born March 31, 1961. I love cooking... gardening... crafts... hard work
I am looking for a man of around same age. No prisoners at all!
23/04/18 - Laura K. - 3347 Oakridge Dr - Augusta, GA 30909 - U.S.A.
Iím a woman and I was born October 13, 1980. I love cats, collecting stickers, movies, music, craftsÖ I used to pen pal a long time ago and am looking to get back into it and make some new friends.
I am looking for anyone
19/04/18 - Dean C - PO Box 43223 - Jacksonville, FL 32203 - U.S.A.
Iím a man and I was born June 27, 1954. I enjoy bible studies, and reading, and writing letters
I am looking for good chat and conversation, current events, and sports.
16/04/18 - Seven Greer
Iím a man and I was born August 10, 1998. I am enlisted in the US military. Iím very big into all cars, mostly American classics. Iím mostly a Mopar guy myself. Iím into military, history, philosophy, apple pie, the X-Files. I am a pretty open individual and love meeting new people. Iíd like to go to school and hopefully get into some kind of federal law enforcement someday such as US Marshalls or the FBI. Maybe FBI SWAT or HRT. I am currently overseas and have lots of downtime that Iíd like to spend meeting new people.
I am an open individual and am willing to converse with anyone. Itís a plus if their a lover of cars ha-ha.
11/04/18 - J.J. Aiello - 452 Norwich Westerly Road - North Stonington, CT 06359 - U.S.A.
Iím a man and I was born February 4, 1998. I live in southeastern Connecticut. My interests include botany, witchcraft, herbalism, Reiki, mythology, folklore, and many other things similar to those.
I am really open to talking to whoever contacts me. If we donít have any interests in common, though, then conversation will stagnate. Thus, it is probably best if you share an interest with me, which I listed before. I am open to corresponding with anyone, even those in foreign countries and those who are incarcerated.
I await your contact!
I can read / write English, Italian.
08/04/18 - Jeanie Ells - 511 N Carson St - Hanford, CA 93230 - U.S.A.
Iím a woman and I was born February 16, 1954. Outgoing, nonjudgmental, adventuresome, openminded, fun-loving
31/03/18 - Brennan Huddleston
Iím a man and I was born March 11, 1996. I love talking about anything! I am easy to get to know. I play six instruments which are: trombone, violin, piano, dulcimer and euphonium. I am currently studying dentistry to be a dental assistant. I love to travel, and explore new things as well as learning new languages and learning about different cultures! My family came from Vienna, Austria so I am looking to learn German and learn more about my lineage. I will send you my address after we get to know one another after a couple of emails.
I am looking for someone to get to know for a lifetime friendship. I want someone who prefers mailing back and forth in comparison to emails.
I can read / write English and Spanish.
19/03/18 - Koda - 22270 Bronc Ct - Canyon Lake, CA 92587 - U.S.A.
Iím a woman and I was born October 30, 2000. I like playing instruments, singing, dancing, acting, and learning new languages
I am looking for someone who can share their culture with me!
I can read English, Korean, Japanese
11/03/18 - MELINDA
Iím a woman and I was born March 15, 1963. About me: Hi, I am looking for just a couple of pen pals, women only. I like to read, crochet, beginning knitter, miniatures, walking in the woods, all animals, country life, horseback riding. I am a writer, nothing published except for a column in a pen pal magazine of old. I love to learn and have a never-ending curiosity about many things. Iím a hippie type that was born to late.  I donít want to talk religion (because I donít have one, donít want one), politics (unless about our natural resources and ecosystems), or be pals on Facebook (I donít use it much anyway. I want to talk daily life and work on an honest loyal friendship. Iím not interested in fashion or celebrities. I have pets and would like to have more.
Iím looking for pen pals who like old fashioned snail mail friendships that donít involve FB, love animals, some things in common are nice obviously but some differences would be good to. Please be prepared to write the first letter. Also, I prefer long letter ladies.
09/03/18 - Alex Dixon - PO Box 452132 - Garland, TX 75045 - U.S.A.
Iím a man and I was born January 16, 1972. If you send me a letter in crayon you might not get a reply. Color markers maybe. Hahaha, Iím easy going, funny yet can be serious. With that said, Iím looking for a fun silly woman to laugh with. That doesnít mind a little flirting. Life too serious to go with a little flirting. But we can also do non-flirting...then you deal with the serious side of me. No, Iím not crazy...shhh crazy people go to jail, insane people get put in the nut house...hahaha
Disclaimer: uhm...I will not send you money nor ask for money. I will not marry you to help you get your green card nor will I marry you to move to your country (even if Trump is in office). I will not ask for your naked pictures nor will I send you my naked pictures (scary enough to see myself naked) hahaha... uhm I think that is it.... Oh oh I wonít be your pet monkey...unless you can cook well enough then weíll talk... LoL
Iím looking for any age, a woman or girl, unless you are sending me crayon letters then write... I see you back there being all shy..LoL

01/03/18 - Cricket Way - 7920 W Glendale Ave. lot 14 - Glendale, AZ 85303 - U.S.A.
Iím a woman and I was born February 15, 1972. I am a stay at home wife. I have four kids that I did not raise myself. I have been married twice.
I am looking for someone who just wants to connect, and talk about their day, someone who needs a good cry or laugh, someone whoís not judgmental.
22/02/18 - Desiree Di Fiore
Iím a woman and I was born December 22, 1993. I am a mother with one little boy who is four months. Iím going to school to be a fire fighter and paramedic. I love drinking tea and being outside and going to the gym. Iím teaching myself Japanese though I havenít gotten that far into it lately. itís a work in progress. I also love reading and writing. I want to do a lot more traveling in the years to come when my career gets up and running. I love hanging out with my friends and family. I also so a little bit of origami. Iím a really big nerd and I love going to conventions and watching anime and reading manga and comics.
Looking for someone who is 25 years and older. I do prefer to speak to women. I really like snail mail (Iím into old fashioned ways) but email is ok too. I also like exchanging small gifts, candy, postcards, etc. Iím personally looking for a long-term pen pal that can possibly become a friendship in the future. No romance or anything like that at all.
19/02/18 - Laren Johnson - PO Box 8242 - Charleston, WV 25303 - U.S.A.
Iím a woman and I was born October 28, 1985. I am a mom to three work at a plant. I work night shift, so I donít do much. I love football, music, movies, wrestling and photography.
I am looking for all kind not looking for love though
17/02/18 - Aleah Cox
Iím a woman and I was born November 20, 1999. I am Christian from North Carolina. I enjoy exploring various styles of music, such as reggae, alternative, classic rock, metal, country, rap, blues and much more, I am very versatile when it comes to music however I am also very specific and sensitive to what I listen to, I do not listen to offensive tasteless or vulgar music, it irritates me, the lyrics must mean something to me or I have no reason to listen to it other than a nice beat. Iím also into art, I paint mermaids mostly because I am fascinated with mythical beings and mythology itself. Photography is a hobby of mine, I take photos of nature, that is where I find peace, deep in the woods, walking along ponds, looking up at tree tops. I have four dogs I love very much, four nieces I absolutely adore, and I am in a committed relationship with a man who goes by Bryan. I am somewhat a critical thinker, not an extremist or egoist by any means, I am very open-minded and love to make friends I can have deep conversations with, and show my goofy silly side to, basically friends I can trust for years to come. This is an informative introduction, but the first one Iíve ever written also, so cut me some slack, donít mistake this introduction with dullness, I am goofy, silly and creative. I just wanted this to be well presented:)
I am looking for someone around my age I can become friends with through snail mailing and continue on a regular basis. Someone creative, fun and willing to have deep conversations about life thoughts or anything in mind but nothing inappropriate. They can exchange small gifts such as stationary, things that fit in envelopes/small packages. And itís very important that theyíre someone who can write on a regular basis back and forth not just stop after 3-5 short letters.

15/02/18 - Leo Diaz - 5212 Co Hwy M - Oregon, WI 53575 - United States
Hi my name is Leo! I truly appreciate your time & interest so I'll try to keep this short & to the point. I am 44 years old, 5'9, 166 lbs, bilingual (Engish, Spanish, & Catalan), & of Spanish/ Mexican descent. I also pride myself on my work ethic (work experience ) & my honesty, integrity & supportiveness towards those in my life. In turn, I'm hoping to meet a caucasian, latina, or asian woman who loves adventure, has a good sense of humor, and is financially independent. Most importantly, I'm looking for a woman with experience and self confidence, which doen't necessarily mean an older woman, but in the 30-50 age range to be safe. Lastly, it doesn't matter where you live in the world. Ultimately, I'm open to whatever may result from our correspondence, whether just a friendship or much more. P. S. I also have an e-mail option if thats preferable for you.

14/02/18 - Aurora Shepard - 4418 County Rd. 432 - New Bloomfield, MO 65063 - Missouri
Iím a woman and I was born March 2, 2001. I like food, hugs and k-pop and all kinds of stuff.
I am looking for ages 13-18, any gender
I can read / write English, Spanish and Greek.
10/02/18 - Maggie Ellis - 1100 College Street , MUW-1267 - Columbus, MS 39701 - U.S.A.
Iím a woman and I was born June 1, 2000. I am an avid lover of Art (Watercolor and doodles), Music, Fiber crafts (Bracelets, crochet, and embroidery), German Language and Culture (Iím a lower level intermediate speaker), lover of stickers and stationery, strange pets and Ice Hockey (NHL or KHL). Go Preds!
I am looking for Female or Male, around my age. Willing to send snail/happy mail with me. 
I can read English and Beginner (Level 1) German
02/02/18 - Je m'appelle DORIS RAALON et j'ai 28 ans. Je suis une jeune fille cťlibataire (je suis franÁaise mais travaille actuellement aux Etats-Unis). Je suis une personne authentique, sensible et gťnťreuse, toujours en quÍte d'amitiť sincŤre... la correspondance est ma grande passion depuis de nombreuses annťes, j'adore ťcrire et recevoir des message et des nouvelles intťressantes. je recherche des personnes motivťes, sportives, on pourrait ťchanger nos photos dans un premier temps pour mieux se connaÓtre. Ecrivez-moi! voici mon adresse e-mail:
01/02/18 - Mikayla Reaves - 707 Francis St W - Jacksonville, AL 36265 - U.S.A.
Iím a woman and I was born September 18, 1994. Iím obsessed with anything Harry Potter, Supernatural, or Doctor Who. I have a dog (Batman) and a cat (Padfoot.) Various tattoos and piercings, currently unemployed but searching.
I am looking for anyone that shares the same or similar interests. Around my age (22-26, preferably). So long as theyíre nice and donít expect millions deposited to some foreign bank account!
30/01/18 - Rebekah L
Iím a woman and I was born February 10, 1995. I love reading and writing and playing instruments.
I am looking  for someone from another country that can teach me about their culture and is interested in my culture. Maybe do gift exchange. Snail mail or email is fine for me.
29/01/18 - David Bricker - 2200 W Broadf St - Columbus, OH 43223 - U.S.A.
Iím a man and I was born May 10, 1964. Travel, sci-fi, star trek, pen pals single
I am looking for any